Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Always Something...

Ain't that the truth, huh!

A long and tiring day yesterday, so I pretty much slipped out of the work drag and into a martini hoping the headache that came on about an hour before my shift ended, would take a hike and leave me in peace.  It was not to be.

Had another stellar dinner of left-overs, washed down with another martini, and sat down to peruse email and check out a few blogs. My eyes wouldn't stay open, so I turned everything off and went to bed.

After brushing teeth and making a coffee this morning, I turned on the PC and - - - no image on the monitor. The light was on, but the screen was dead. Following the usual procedures (dance of the seven veils) I concluded the poor old thing had bought the farm.

So, before work I scurried up to Staples to see what was on their new weekly flyer and what might be in stock.  Raced back to work to check out the holiday offerings and which would be good for a prime customer this week.  Many of the new monitor descriptions left me befuddled, so I asked a few tech-geeks at work to help me out - and they did.

Anyway, after work I shot up to Staples once again and purchased a 22" LED monitor; a special purchase, the ad said, and brought it home. The cost was $89.00.  The image above is a shot of the monitor I purchased.  Click to embiggen.

There was no paper instruction manual in the box - it is all on the accompanying CD - which I could not view since the old monitor was dead.

I did what I thought was right to get connected, hoped the existing video card was capable of handling the new screen, plugged everything in and turned on the PC.  It booted and the monitor worked OK, if a bit contrasty.  I inserted the CD and magical things began happening.  I opened the PDF file of the owner's manual and figured out how to change the contrast and luminescence.  So far all is well.

Although the monitor is equipped for HD using a DVI cable, my current PC has no DVI input, so the analog will have to do.  The image quality is incredible. The old 8-year-old monitor can't hold a candle to this baby.  Of course, when I bought that one, it was state of the art, too.

Now however, having crawled around unplugging and plugging all the cables my back is in bad shape. I am ready for a few olives and a bite to eat now.

Shower and bed are next on the list as tomorrow is another day...fiddle-de-dee.

And so it goes.

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