Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Need a Little Christmas (spirit)

Christmas is a week away and I just ain't got no Merry Ho-Ho in me. I even found a channel on Sirius XM playing the golden oldies of holiday music, called Holiday Traditions and thought it might help. It didn't.  The customers love it while the multicultural staff are singing the lyrics.  I am, too, but only out of nostalgia for selfish reasons.  Sinatra, Fitzgerald, Armstrong, Crosby, Clooney, Torme, Garland, and others are the holiday soundtrack of my life.

Of course, the Newtown, CT massacre did nothing to lift anyone's spirits

Aside from a little cooking, and doing household chores, it's been a relaxing day off.  Gray and foggy outdoors made for an easy decision not to venture forth into the crazy. The errands can wait until tomorrow when the sun is to make an appearance.

Linda, our wee Irish lass GM, left for Ireland last evening, but beforehand, she dropped off a wee gift that waited on the porch until I got home.  A nice gesture and lovely surprise.  A bottle of Jameson's Irish Whiskey, no less.  Now that's good sippin' whiskey and no doubt about it. 

I was able to reach her before boarding her flight and thanked her. She said, "enjoy, don't be so hard on yourself. I'll see you on the 28th." I am fortunate to call her a friend, as well as boss.

Without the space - or accurate oven - I will not be doing any holiday baking again this year. There will be eggnog however, with a bit of rum or whiskey mixed in for some seasonal cheer. I will spend Christmas day at home alone. Don't want to be the wet blanket (or crazy quilt) on anyone's festivities.

Oh, I am fine and happy at work, and even spent money on a new Santa hat this year to wear this weekend and Christmas Eve. I'll be sincerely happy to see happy faces of kids and families dining with us. That always makes my day.

There are 13 days before the new year, and I find that hard to believe, but there it is.

And so it goes.

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  1. wanna come to my house for xmoose day? spouse and I will have japanese or thai food! and there WILL be booze!


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