Friday, March 14, 2008

Gibson's Gone!

And...another one bites the dust. h/t Freddie Mercury. It's another reason to celebrate. First it was Michelle Malkin, Melanie Morgan, then Tucker Carlson, and now it's none other than the FOX news comedian - John Gibson! YAY, everyone gets a pony, or a martini up with olives.

This from the NYT:
Fox News Channel, tinkering for the first time in eight years with its popular early evening lineup, is replacing its 5 p.m. news broadcast, “The Big Story,” with an election-theme program for the foreseeable future. The network confirmed this week that “America’s Election HQ,” a program that displaced “The Big Story” temporarily last month, would continue indefinitely. The program’s hosts, Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly, also anchor the network’s mid-morning newscast and are seen as rising stars on the channel. The change was first reported by the blog John Gibson, the longtime host of “The Big Story,” will continue to have a role on television, the network said, although it appears that his future for now lies mostly on radio.
I've never watched his show, however, thanks to Crooks & Liars I've watched some of his most outrageous tirades, and that was quite enough, thank you every much. His tasteless insult (Gibson called it a joke) the day Heath Ledger died and his subsequent lame apology may have finally done him in. At least I can dream.
The tide is finally changing and that's a good thing. There will be less screeching from talking-heads on TV now. I'll have that martini now...

And so it goes.

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  1. Oh, thank God...the toothy moron is gone. Pass the olives.


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