Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monday, Monday: Revisited

In a previous post “Monday, Monday” I related a story of the damage done to my car by an irresponsible dickhead and the experiences with insurance company, and body shops.

What an excellent experience this turned out to be for me. Having settled on a body shop, I brought the car over for an evaluation. A thorough inspection was made and pictures taken, then uploaded to the insurance company by the nicest, cutest straight guy who clearly loves his work. He told me what needed replacing, and made the phone calls to secure the parts as I sat in his office. After printing out the estimate he explained everything and gave me a date to bring the car in.

He said the work would take three days. In reality it took two. I was told they put their best technician on the job and I believe them.

The work has been done and I was amazed at the exact match of the paint colour. He explained that they use computer probes to match the exact colour of my car, meaning that any fading or environmental changes would be added to the mix so that the new parts match perfectly. And, by God, they do. You could see by the look on his face that he was as happy as I with the results.

I am so happy to have the car back. The rental, a Dodge Caliber, was terribly inferior to my little Toyota in every way.

So, I’m on the road again and even more careful of where I park.

And so it goes.

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  1. And in case of an other accident or a regular car job you have an address where you can bring your car and know they will take good care of.

    Being friendly and doing your job well, makes customers come back to your store. [Old Retail Phrase]


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