Sunday, March 30, 2008

It Might as Well be Spring

Fog, a fine mist, and a small flock of snow geese greeted me at sunrise as I sipped my coffee yesterday before heading off for the car’s 10K mile service and checkup. The fog and mist were a bit of a shock after Friday’s temperature of 82!!! Still, it didn’t last long and as I drove to the dealership the sky cleared and the sun appeared in all its glory. The afternoon was cooler, (well, it is March, after all) but brilliantly clear with a light wind off the Atlantic.

Dawn today brought cold clear skies, and a brisk wind. Yep, it’s a reminder that it’s still March.

I love it here. This place is almost magical with the view on any given day yielding many surprising scenes; from turtles, enormous frogs, blue heron, snowy egret, and a fox that seems to love playing in the yard near the marsh all by himself. Whenever he shows up I am reminded of a playful puppy. He rolls on the grass and seems to be having the time of his life. I know that while watching him, I am.

I would love to share these moment with someone special, but then if there was such a person I wouldn't be living here. Catchy one, that. Deep. Pondering. Needed.

Sometimes life’s joys just happen and you absolutely must be ready to savor what’s given to you and take in as much as possible. I did just that yesterday and plan to do so again today.

Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere so it’s time for a martini and dinner preparations. I am experimenting with an idea I had for shrimp scampi sautéed with fresh spinach, but not over pasta. I’ll not give anything else away, since you might want to fwow up. Hey, I’m Cajun and we try all kinds of things, so stay tuned and if it turns out well, I may share the recipe.

And so it goes.


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