Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cavalier Telephone Can Kiss My…

Last summer with nothing but turmoil in my life I endured a two month nightmare at the hands of, among others, Cavalier Telephone. The original post is HERE if you're curious about the background and details.

In late December 2007, I received a cordial, yet formal letter from attorneys in Richmond, VA demanding payment or the reasons for not paying. OK, so it was a collection letter.
I retrieved all the saved files, notes, bills, names and dates. I then wrote a two-page letter to the attorneys detailing in chronological order exactly what transpired, when it happened, and the result, or resolution, if any. Yeah, like that happened!

The letter was mailed shortly after the holidays and I’ve thought no more of it.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I picked up the mail today and found another letter from these same attorneys. It reads as follows:

Re: Creditor: Cavalier Telephone Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Dear ******* ********

This letter will confirm that your account was placed with our firm in error. Accordingly, we have closed your account and apologize for any inconvenience.

Please contact me should you have any questions. Thank you.

In other words, Never Mind! There is justice, sometimes.

So, the company touting: “When you want it done right, you can count on us” (which I had to listen to while on hold for at least 15 minutes every day for a month) not only didn’t live up to it’s motto, they lost out on the money I was willing to pay, and a customer as well.

Christ on a Cracker the stoopid, it burns.

And so it (happily) goes.

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