Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Decisions: Financial, Halloween, & Political

Wednesday in October and it feels more like July.  It's 82' this very moment and while there is a light breeze, the humidity is making everyone grumpy today.

The appointment with the financial adviser went well. Turns out he remembered me from the restaurant and we hit it off  right away. He explained (as best he could to one as financially dense as I) the entire process and as mentioned in the comments on the last post (thanks, everyone) it is a no brainer.  All I need to do now is complete the enrollment form, present it to the Dos Locos guys and the funds will be deferred to the new account as soon as the next pay period.

While I was out and about I did some accoutrement-hunting for the Halloween costume to be revealed at Dos Locos on Saturday afternoon. Yes, for the first time the lunch crew will be festively adorned - in rather tasteful attire, of course - to get diners into the spirit (no pun intended) of the holiday.  The night crew gets very risque, but that's them, not us.

Originally, the boss thought that I should be a Snickers Bar since it would be the least constricting, but he quickly nixed that idea when I said, "great! I can go up to people and say 'Hi, I'm a Snickers Bar, you wanna eat my nuts." He frowned and said that would be OK for the night crew, not lunch.  Here I thought nuts were good any time of day.  What do I know?

So far, I think we have The Tooth Fairy, a Southern Belle, a Police Officer, Pirate, a Ninja, and at least one very-scary clown. Zombies are discouraged, I mean, people are EATING, after all.

No, I ain't tellin' what my costume will be, but here's a hint: one accoutrement is a corn-cob pipe. That's all you get outta me.

The phone hasn't stopped ringing and I am not answering. They are political robo-calls regarding the upcoming election and I know that because not one caller has left a message. Not that anyone calls these days.

Oh, I'll be voting, unlike some LGBT folks I've encountered, because I think this is a critical election in many ways and now is not the time to sit-one-out. Not that I believe there is ever an election to sit out.  I may not be raising banners, but the process is only as good as the people and we have a stake in this one, a big stake.

(off the soapbox)

I'm flabbergasted by the events of the past week, and can't understand why this is happening to me at this time in my life. I hear constantly, 'it is what it is', and that's the truth.

And so it goes.


  1. Glad to hear that you're taking advantage of the 3% cash matching on the 401k. We had a saying at the bank "borrow money if you have to pay your bills but save that cash as long as they're matching it. It's free money!" Plus, you're deferring paying taxes until you retire and are in a lower tax bracket (which may not apply to you since you're not making the Big Bucks.)
    I would like to skip on down to see your Halloween get up but I'm working this weekend. Have a happy Halloweenie!

  2. Someone needs to take a group pic of the day crew. One of the night crew would be nice, too. Just sayin'. ;)

  3. get diners into the spirit... shouldn't that be into the spirits? A drink or two at the bar to get in the mood, before lunch starts.

    Hope you have a great lunch crowd on Saturday, Popeye! [that's the only character I know with a corn-cob pipe]


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