Thursday, October 28, 2010

Juan Williams Takes the Buckwheat Seat at Fox

 I decided to sit out the Juan Williams brouhaha and let the anger, race-baiting, and all-round stoopid run their course. I used to be a big fan of Mr. Williams until he began to work at Fox News and talking out of both sides of his mustachioed mouth. Hearing him say one thing on NPR only to say the exact opposite the next day on Faux got old really fast, and so I tuned him out. I don't know why it took so long for NPR to show him the door; it seemed a long time coming to me.

Anyway, I found this just now and, to my mind, it is right on the mark.  From Big Think and Kris Broughton:
Maybe it was a good thing that I was headed out of town the day Juan Williams got whacked by the NPR head honchos. Because it probably wouldn’t have taken more than two or three hours before I would have had to write "take your handkerchief head wearing ass somewhere and sit the hell down."
By the time I got back from the great state of Kentucky earlier this week, where people in wheelchairs and on walkers come a dime a dozen and sorely neglected teeth are de rigueur, but the populace still hates the thought of getting any help from the federal government even though government money is the only thing propping their state up these days, all I could do was watch as Magic Bishop Don Juan Williams took his pimp game to FOX News for a full-time gig.
So why do the commentators at FOX like Juan Williams so damn much?  In an excerpt from one of my own short stories, The Black Folks Guide To Survival, the main character explains why “Our Gang”, the vintage show that had a black boy in a sea of white faces, loved their black friend so much:
The only two reasons Buckwheat was in "The Little Rascals" was because he didn't challenge Spanky and the gang could laugh at him all they wanted. Is that what you want--to be a modern day Buckwheat?"

Is that what you want, Juan Williams? To be a modern day Buckwheat?

How you feel about Juan Williams often depends on how you were introduced to him and his work. If it was through his early books and documentaries there tends to be a degree of admiration for the philosophy major who became a leading political journalist.
If you discovered him after he joined the FOX News Network as a regular analyst and expressed what could be perceived as conservative views on the state of black families, you may see him as some sort of Racially-charged Judas, playing the Liberal pantomime on FOX News Sunday. 

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And so it goes.

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