Saturday, October 30, 2010

Megachurch Pastor Comes Out

I am of two minds about this video and story. Not once in any of the stories like this do I read or hear anything referring to God, Christ, or the Gospels.  It's all about themselves and their church congregations' survival. Watch for yourself and comment, if you wish.
His personal epiphany is appreciated, but the deceit must be unbearable for many in the congregation. How does one justify building a huge congregation with a lie as its foundation?

More religious hypocrisy. 

And so it goes.


  1. I myself would give him a pass on the "God talk" for now, given his statement that the risk of his reputation is worth saving one teen life and his clear statement that "it is not a choice". Although your point is well taken that most of these confessions as more about "me" than "God", I'll give him a break -for now. I'll watch his life and actions to see if he backs up his talk.
    In a kind of side comment, I'm not sure that "God talk" is where it's at. We hear a lot of "God talk" from the right and it's clear to me that they've not read the book. When they "do the Word" then I'll listen to their talk.
    But my thoughts also go toward taking down the names of those of his peers who are condemning him for his "sin". Wanna bet you'll see some of those very names in the "out" column in the future?

  2. despite everything
    i think it brave; better late than never.


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