Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Training & Telemarketers: Reading Beads of the Stoopid

So, I am minding my own business, attending a training session to help manage the restaurant's website, and all of a sudden my cell phone rings. Thinking that it was the boss checking up on me, I answer saying, "yes, alright already, I am here, Jeez!"

But it's not the boss; it's a random call from the DNC asking for a donation to fight off the racist teabaggers and Republicans in November. As the caller began to read from her script I interrupted asking that they remove my cell number from the call list (it is already on a no-call list) and she asked for my home phone number, which was her big mistake.

me: Please remove this number from your list. It's in the National Do Not Call Registry.

dnc: Oh, well, give me your home number to add to our database.

me: No,

dnc: Well how are we supposed to reach you?

me: Somehow you got my unlisted cell number, so I am sure you're capable of finding those published, or are you people too lazy?  Look it up.

dnc: (ignoring what I just told her) Well in any case since I have you on the line we're asking for a donation to ----. 

I stopped her cold.

me: Whoa!  Stop there. Let me tell you something - and - listen - carefully - there will be NO donations to the Democratic Party until EQUALITY is addressed; until DADT is ended; DOMA is gone for good: the DINOs (Democrats In Name Only) are made accountable for voting with the GOP and Teabaggers. As promised during the last campaign.

dnc: What do you mean by "equality" exactly? (Again ignoring the elephant in the room)

me: If you have to ask that question, you don't know how to use a search engine, or pay the slightest attention to the events of the past two years. Listen, if you are a volunteer dragged in to make cold calls, you can be somewhat forgiven. If, however, you are employed by the DNC you are part of the problem and the reason that I will not contribute to the party.

dnc: Well, why don't you just tell me so I don't have to search for the answers? (touch of sarcasm, here)

me: So, you ARE lazy.  THAT is the real problem. None of you have a clue to what is going on, making you just as out of touch as the Republicans.

This made her bristle.

dnc: we're taking great steps to address the needs of the American people and.... (reading from her script again).

me: Are you calling from the Washington DC area?

dnc: No, I'm in Florida - and things are about to change. (that damned script again - got to admit the old girl has stamina).

me: Are you aware of the BP Disaster in the Gulf back in April and its continuing impact on the lives of the communities and people in that area? The devastating impact on the aquaculture of the entire gulf coast?


me: that's what I thought. Tell you what; when you acquaint yourself with the issues I've mentioned and can discuss them intelligently, give me a call on my home phone, when you find it.  Oh, and what you find out may make you rethink your own contributions to the party, too.   I hope this call is being recorded, though I doubt it. For now, this conversation is over. 

(call ended)

My trainer, Nancy, was staring, mouth open. She didn't know what to say, if anything, so I just went to my notes and picked up the session where we left off because of the rude call. I was seething inside, but wouldn't let it show. I let it go away quietly and finished the training. It was a good session and the site will be relatively easy to update. A very productive 3 hours. And, no ftp protocol to deal with.  Praise G*d!

Nancy escorted me to the parking lot and mentioned the call and my responses because, she said, " your face was tight, eyes fixed on nothing,  and there was a calmness about you." Truth is I was forcing every fiber of my body to remain calm and fixed on the point. I am not very good at this sort of altercation, but getting better.

Maybe because of the interruption I became more focused, but what ever it was, I retained more knowledge than I thought I would.  Yes, I took notes, but only for navigational and editing purposes, and I was pleased that when I returned home I was able to log in and make some of the corrections that have bothered me for months (hey, being anal isn't easy!) and upload the corrected items.  Cool!

I'm ready for dinner and a few olives to celebrate.  Cheers.

And so it goes.


  1. Well done W!

    Now get those olives lubricated and marinated!

    Bottoms up!!!

  2. Bravo for you my friend! I am so pissed off at Obama and his lack of leadership on the question of GBLT equality that my eyes are turning yellow. I hope I get one of these scripted calls so I can unload too. This DINO's need more of the type of input that you blasted that caller.
    As long as the Obama administration justice department continue to appeal court rulings calling for an end to DADT, the Democrats will get no money from me. The Dems may take the GBLT vote for granted but they're not getting any more money out of me until they start actually doing something instead of just talking about it.

  3. The only good thing about the Obama administration is that when they email me, they address it: Dear Young Democrat. Other than that, they suck.
    I'll be back to be a Gay Republican soon.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. You're my hero! I just refuse to answer any of the calls or mountains of spam emails. This gutless, spineless creature we elected president and his cohorts deserve the retirement that is imminently in his/their future. Unfortunately, the rest of us who trusted them do not deserve the idiocy and tyranny that we are about to endure.


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