Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jazz Fest - The Joint is Jumpin'

The music began at 1 this afternoon and ends at 6 this evening. These guys (keyboards, bass, and drums) are pros and have worked with some of the best in the studio and on tour - separately and together - with seemingly effortless perfection. Don't let the white hair fool you; like a well oiled machine they take great tunes, pull them apart, twist them around and make them very special. Ellington, Rodgers & Hart, Cole Porter, Steve Allen, and more. (Click images to embiggen.)

They got a kick out of the fact that I knew lyrics to many tunes and would sing them (quietly, of course) as they played and jammed. What a great joy for me.

The restaurant was packed a half hour after opening; by 2:30 there was a 45 minute wait for seating - anywhere in the house - the bar was standing room only the entire afternoon into the evening when I finished work and headed home.

Everyone was enjoying the good sounds while having cocktails and good food with friends. The boss picked my brain and came up with a special New Orleans themed menu, which included a gumbo, creole, and a dessert. Here we are pulling it together on Thursday afternoon getting ready for the first night of Jazz. And NO, too many cooks didn't spoil the dish.  It was really good.
Boss, me, Nicole, Jose, Daniel
My kind of day...AND...I get to do it all over again tomorrow.  The trio will be playing from 12 noon til 4 pm. - almost the entire lunch shift. The best part is that I have a front row vantage point.  Good music, good vibes, good people.  That's what it's all about.

And so it goes.


  1. So soon a NoLa evening/weekend, sounds fun.

    I've a feeling some olives are waiting to get marinated this evening!


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