Saturday, July 7, 2012

110' in the Shade

And I ain't talking about the musical here.  Oh, look it up.

If you wanted to fry the perfect egg today, I could have given lessons: leave cast iron skillet in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes, drop in your choice of butter, or - - - -; before the butter burns quickly break the eggs neatly into the pan.  Do not leave the pan unattended.  Turn the eggs after 2 minutes and fry for an additional 2 minutes and remove from pan.  Don't worry about eating them right away, they will remain hot (and probably continue to cook) for a few minutes.

Of course I jest, but not too much.  Yes, it really is that hot here. It was already 85'F as I walked to work this morning at 7 AM with not a hint of wind.  The Atlantic was a sheet of glass and with this heat there is a warning of a jellyfish invasion on the coast. The heatwave has already been blamed for a mass fish-kill in a lake nearby and that isn't the worst of it. The fear is that there are more to come.

The restaurant was crowded all day but the air conditioning couldn't keep up with the flow of human heat or the doors opening every few minutes. We stopped taking reservations for today on Thursday, but people just kept coming.  At one point I had a half-hour wait for a table for lunch. Although the temps never fell below 80'F at least the air was dry and acceptable for dining.  Kids and the elderly were the most uncomfortable and we tried to make them as comfy as possible, not always successfully, I must admit.

The walk home was quite unpleasant, but as I arrived I found a small package on the porch. Drenched with perspiration I scooped it up, unlocked the door and entered the amazing coolness of the apartment. The thermostat was set at 78'F, though it felt much cooler as I chucked the package on the counter and shed the work drag.

Following a quick shower I made a cocktail and opened the package. It was from L.L. Bean, an early birthday gift from friends in NOLA.  A beautiful short-sleeve seersucker shirt!  Now, as I am from the deep south I used to wear seersucker shirts, shorts, trousers, and jackets many years ago. I had forgotten how comfortable seersucker is on hot, muggy days.  The shirt fits well, and will likely be worn to work tomorrow. It makes me feel like an old fashioned New Orleans Gentleman again. All I need is a straw hat, and a mint julep, or Sazerac cocktail to complete the mood.

As I write this I am knocking back a second martini (also the last) washing down a light supper and preparing to read in bed before sleep.

Tomorrow is to be the last weekend Brunch.  It hasn't taken off, losing money for the restaurant as well as servers working for tips with no customers to serve for those 3 hours.

And since tomorrow promises to be a weather duplicate of today, I doubt anyone will be stirring early in the morning - on a Sunday, no less. We shall see.

And so it goes,


  1. It sounds like everyone in blog land is about the hot weather. I was in Alaska, where it was no more than 60.

  2. Last week I had to comp one night on the VIP suite because it wasn't cool enough for the guest. We're not used to the 100 plus temps here. Losing money. Stay cool!


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