Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Martinis in Hell!

Yes, yes, yes! Oh! (Ahem.)

Speaking of Hell, (as I did in the earlier post) it's close to 100' F today and my neighbor - who's in construction - was home for the day at 1 pm. Forecast calls for a high of 108'F tomorrow, which means it's likely to be in the mid-80s for my walk to work.  Oh. I. Am. So. Thrilled!

Kept to the apartment all day, no venturing outside, no desire to deal with the heat and humidity. I need new slacks to replace those ruined by salt stains from sweating all day.  Sorry, that's not a lovely image, but a good reason I wear shirts loosely, outside the slacks. That purchase will wait for another time. I am coping with enough discomfort as it is and don't need any extra right now, thank you very much.

I'm out of bed again (nothing new to report, damn it!) and about to prepare a festive cocktail as I wrap my throbbing skull around ideas for the evening meal. A Bombay Sapphire Martini is likely the best bet for relaxation, so that's where I'm heading. And yes, maybe more than two.

If I can muster up the energy there may be a chicken Stir Fry for supper tonight - quick and easy - if not, maybe a simple salad. I am still kind of weak.  That may be due to the lack of food intake, but one doesn't feel hungry while coping with vile pain and nausea, if you get my drift.

Back to work tomorrow and the heat/drought/humidity will likely take their toll on my already weakened self. I plan to get to the restaurant earlier than usual, turn down the AC to 72'F and pray the locoguys don't open the front doors.  They would be crazy to do so, but that's why they're the "loco" guys!

Cocktail time!  For that which I am about to receive...Thank you, Jeebus!

And so it goes.


  1. Dude, you need to get yourself a Frenchmen to cook for you. It's the greatest thing ever!
    Stay cool!

  2. I think you need Fred over too.

  3. Fred already has his hands full, but if he has a brother, I might be interested. ;-)

    Seriously guys, I just want this nightmare to end. It's draining and I am always shaky, on edge, and exhausted.

    Thanks for the visits.

  4. Fred is a sweetheart (I met him last summer). And he cooks too? Wow. When you meet him this summer I would bat your eyelashes a little more seductively. :)

  5. @Ron: Remember I love to cook, too. Besides, at my ripe age "seduction" is only a word in the dictionary.


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