Monday, July 23, 2012

Relief, Reflection, and Rest.

Note (this is what the aftermath of passing a kidney stone looks like. It isn't pretty. Like death warmed over, eh? I want to remember it and tape a copy to the bathroom mirror as a reminder.)
I've spent most of today in bed (no, didn't work) resting and nodding off whenever I felt like it, without pain. Called the GM early and asked for the day off.  She said she'd cover my shift, that I just rest. Easy advice to take, believe me. I didn't move a muscle for 3 hours and when I did, the soreness spread throughout the body. I slowly drifted off to sleep, again.

The stone took the longest time to pass, by far, than any others.  Eleven Days!!! That the body is ravaged and weakened by pain, soreness, and blood loss, and that I lost 5 pounds (the hard way - I don't recommend) over the 11 day period, I awoke hungry. Very hungry.

Don't feel up to cooking anything right now and there is no comfort food in the freezer that would fill the bill. I had a cup of chicken soup with crackers and a hot cup of green tea as I checked email and began typing this post. Much better now.

There is a small salmon steak in the freezer and leftover brussel sprouts that sound more tasty by the minute.

I hope to get tomorrow (my regular day) off too. I've not done laundry or other chores in 2 weeks and I need another day to rest, get grocery shopping done. I also need to pick up some new undies to replace a couple of pair ruined by all the blood. No going "commando" at work for me these days.

I'll be re-evaluating my diet, as well.  Found a few sites containing info on kidney stones and how to reduce the chances of getting another one.  However, if one is prone to them (as I must be, having had 5) there isn't much else to do. Already drink plenty of water - all day - ever since I gave birth to the first stone, years ago. It's just a habit now.

With the exception of Tonic & Cola (as in Gin & Tonic or Rum & Cola) I hardly drink carbonated beverages. As far as I can tell, Gin doesn't cause the formation of stones.  Thank G*d for that, at least. Wine is OK, too, but beer can be problematic in some cases.

While I don't ingest lots of sugar or salt (even on margaritas), I do eat too much animal protein and not enough fish.  If I had my druthers I'd eat crab, lobster, salmon, flounder, and Ahi every other day, but they are expensive, certainly not in the budget.

I love veggies that are otherwise healthy choices, but are known for forming stones.  Like spinach and chard - 2 of my favorites - of course.

All that said, I may not get much done tomorrow, either.  Depends on my strength and how sore I may be.  Eleven days of pain and nausea - not to mention decreased food consumption have taken their toll.  And I am not getting any younger.

And so it goes.

Update:  Called the restaurant and was greeted by a rousing (off-key) chorus of "Happy Birthday" instigated by the locosguys and sung by half the kitchen & floor staff.  Cheered me up a lot. Made me laugh. Tuesday off is OK, so I am going to make lists as I prepare the salmon, then go back to bed after a hot shower.  G'night.


  1. You might want to talk to your Primary Physician about drinking cranberry juice every so often.

  2. WHOA! That took guts, friend. That picture is something out of a nightmare and not at all who you are. I am so sorry for this experience, but I honor you for the courage to post your story and that image. Hope you feel better soon, so I can send you a proper Birthday wish.
    Love and more love,

  3. anne marie in phillyJuly 23, 2012 at 9:50 PM

    poor cajun! my BIL gets these quite often also. does he try to help himself? NO! thus endeth the lesson.

    get well soon, dear. the salmon sounds dee-lish!

  4. I KNOW that look. I tried to go to work the same day (afternoon, I passed my stone in the morning) and was told "You're not coming to work today." I said "Why?" I was told "Because you look like hell." Thank you very much.

  5. By the way, happy birthday! Hopefully your birthday next year will be much different (and you'll be collecting your SS benefits).

    As far as avoiding kidneys stones. I don't know the secret. I did increase my water intake but I felt like I was floating away so I went back to my usual drinking habits. So far so good.

    Hopefully this is your last "baby."


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