Monday, July 2, 2012

Wacko Holiday Week

Take a deep breath.
This is what to expect when the July Fourth Holiday falls in mid-week.

There are those who arrived last Friday, or Saturday and will remain through the holiday week enjoying all festivities - leaving either this Friday or Saturday as their weekly rentals end.

There are those who will arrive Tuesday, enjoy the festivities on Wednesday, and return home Thursday.  2-day (minimum stay required) by all lodgings during summer season.

Then there are those who own summer homes here and will likely stay for the first 2 weeks of July to be sure to get into as much fun, food/fireworks/picnics/concerts and family get-togethers as they can cram into that time.

Work long hours every day and stay away from the roads, beaches, liquor stores, and shopping venues. All food shopping ought to be done by Monday, July 1.

(NOTE: As if it isn't cheap enough, visitors from surrounding states flock to local WalMart stores because there is no sales tax in Delaware.  I. Am. Not. Joking.  Yes, they are that cheap.)

Stay close to home when not at work; attend a BBQ (if invited) and make sure there is plenty of food, wine, (and in my case) Olives, and gin on hand.

Ride this roller-coaster for the next week, conserving energy as much as possible for next Saturday and Sunday - the blow-out days! Take another deep breath.

That is all.  Fun, huh?

And so it goes.


  1. Hey, don't call me cheap! I got four kids to raise!
    Hope to see you soon. Can I pick you up anything from Walmart?

  2. I haven't ventured outside my comfort zone since Saturday but I have to go to work tomorrow on the FOURTH and the fifth. I am prepared (I think). I hope I have a parking space.


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