Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taking My Own Advice

OK, I know I said I was hunkering down for the duration of the holiday  week, but  thought I would made a quick shopping run early (about 6:30)...then I walked outside.

Dew covered everything, dripping off tree leaves, cars, and buildings. The air was too thick to take a deep breath. Not a good omen.

Left the car parked where it was, decided against the trip, turned on my heels, headed back up the stairs.  Once inside, shed the street clothes, already feeling moist, made a coffee and set about clearing and cleaning the counter-tops in the kitchen.

Plugged in the Kindle, unplugged the cell phone, had a nice breakfast and decided my initial advice (to stick close to home) was the best.

Felt no rush, cleaned the bathroom, shredded old documents, rearranged the files in the cabinet, put the ironing board and iron away, tidied up the living room (though I don't know why, no one ever visits), and checked the freezer for dinner possibilities.  Leftovers and a salad will be the quickest, coolest option.  Don't want to use either oven - microwave use will be short and sweet.

Discovered that the V-tech cordless phone/answering device was fried by last weekend's storms (not that anyone calls or leaves messages), so plugged in the corded phone as a precaution until I purchase another similar unit. I cannot afford the Verizon voice-mail monthly fee; the answering machine works fine for my needs and adds only a few dollars to the total price.  A one-time cost. In any event, that will wait until next week.

It's well over 90' again, humidity is high, and dark clouds are rolling in, so there won't be any outdoor activities today.  No, not even laundry, which means only going out the door, down the stairs, and into the laundry room below the apartment.

Truth is, I am more tired than I thought.

Light lunch and a Sazerac will make the afternoon cool and comfortable. After that, it's all up for grabs. Cheers!

PS:  As I finished typing that last sentence, a torrential rainstorm hit the area.  Rain coming straight down - no thunder, no wind at all.

And so it goes.

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