Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Virgin Mobile? Smart Phones? Yes, Of Course

Week 3 since activation of the LG Optimus Elite Smartphone begins today and (thanks to tips and tricks offered by others) I am becoming more familiar of the way the phone works, and though I miss calls, text messages and their sub-directories are becoming a part of my core knowledge of the device.  Calls are from unknown sources anyway, so I'm not worried.  How they got the number is anyone's guess.  Robo-calling, most likely.

Turns out, no one remembers all the little shortcuts, and quick steps to many functions, so I don't feel bad.  Anyway...Text and Web were the primary reasons for the purchase and change of carrier.

Using the querty touch-keypad is still a challenge thanks to my fat fingers.  Even turning the phone to horizontal position my fat fingers hit the wrong, or multiple keys.  Very annoying, indeed.  I will get better at this. Also, the phone must be charged nightly because of the constant connectivity to the Web, email and messaging.  The old phone required charging once weekly, but had none of the functionality of the new phone. Stand-by mode was just that. 

BTW, so far, I am pleased with the Virgin Mobile no-contract pricing, customer service, SPRINT signal strength, and Virgin's response to FAQs.  While the younger 21 - 35 demographic is their target audience, I find their individual plans are just right for me.Their user Q&A message boards are equally helpful.

So far, no hidden charges detected. Maybe I can actually trust the company after all. We'll see. My renewal date comes up next week and if all remains the same, I may allow Virgin to deduct the monthly fees  automatically by credit card. A BIG step for me.

Evolving into a smart phone user - slowly but surely.

And so it goes.

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  1. I only have to charge my iPhone once a week and I leave it on all the time. Thank you Steve Jobs. Barbara (my neighbor) had a Droid. Had to charge it nightly. Confusing to use. She got rid of it and now also has an iPhone which she charges once a week. Also, the iPhone functions are much more user friendly and she doesn't have to go to classes to figure out how to use it like she did with the Droid. Thank you Steve Jobs. Of course the downside is the expense. The iPhone is expensive to buy as well as the monthly charge. You get what you pay for.


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