Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Hand Washes The Other

Over the years I have shopped and purchased items from many categories at Amazon-dot-com, and over the years I have received good service, nice perks, special offers, coupons, and free shipping from that company.

Same is true of Staples and JCPenney to some extent.  Working long hours - 6 or 7 days -that I do, it's difficult to find the time to shop in stores.  In the summer season it's impossible with the tourists out and about, clogging the roadways and parking lots of all venues. (I do my grocery shopping in the early morning on a day off, or before going to work - usually at about 7 or 7:30 am.)

So, I find it more convenient to shop online.  No hassles, free-shipping and occasionally a coupon or two.
Recent purchases at L.L. Bean and Jockey resulted in 40% savings, and today I received an additional 15% savings when I ordered work slacks from JCP.

With my new Kindle Fire came a free 1 month membership to Amazon Prime which, I decided to join after considering the advantages and perks. Free books & streaming of movies. Free 2-day shipping on purchases (really a savings of time as well as money) and all for $79. annual fee.

I bring this up because, as most know, JCP chose Ellen as their spokesperson and announced their support of LGBT issues and families. 

Not so well known is what Jeff Bezos, along with his wife did just last week.  This is from Box Turtle Bulletin:
Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, and his wife, MacKenzie, have joined the list of prominent Washington businesses and CEO’s that have come out in support of marriage equality in that state. And all because former employee Jennifer Cast – one of the company’s first – asked.

On Sunday Cast emailed Bezos asking for a contribution to the campaign in support of Referendum 74. “We need help from straight people. To be very frank, we need help from wealthy straight people who care about us and who want to help us win.” Bezos’ reply:

    Jen, this is right for so many reasons. We’re in for $2.5 million. Jeff & MacKenzie.

I’m sorry. I should have given you a tissue warning.

Oddly enough, NOM’s blog site seems not to have gotten the news. They’re still talking about chicken.

Don't get me wrong here.  I still shop for the best deals I can find, it's just that most of them happen to be at online sites rather than brick & mortar stores.  I feel good as an Amazon frequent shopper knowing that my money is going to support causes I believe in.

The deciding factor in choosing the Smartphone and service at Virgin Mobile over CREDO was Sir Richard's video PSA in support of marriage equality.  That Virgin offered the best deal (with no contracts) was icing on the cake. I always love a win-win, don't you?

And so it goes.


  1. anne marie in phillyAugust 1, 2012 at 2:44 AM

    I hate malls, and I don't have time to hit the brick n mortar stores.

    amazon and I work well together.

  2. The big stuff I always get online. Just makes sense. Less stress.

  3. Now I dont want you to spit your olive out laughing but actually the deals at walmart.com are great. :-) Once a month I order lotion,soap, see breeze and such saving about 30% and 3 days later its here. The ironic thing is I would never set foot in an actual store.


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