Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Freebies & Good Fortune

Recently I wrote about receiving a seersucker shirt from LL Bean, a gift from friends. In today's mail I received a coupon worth $10. toward any item from that company - with free shipping thrown in for good measure. Another seersucker shirt may be in my future. Then again, maybe not. The shirt was made in China, but the price was the same as if it were made in the USA. Very tacky!

In the same mailing was a check from Staples 'frequent buyer rewards program' for $56. good toward anything at their site or in stores. I didn't think I purchased that much, but the network router, document shredder, stick-drives, and other smaller items added up, I suppose.  Now I have to figure out what to purchase with this windfall as the check is only good through 8/31/2012. I am sure I will think of something.

Checking email this evening, I found a 'special purchase' certificate (read - coupon) for buy-one-get-one-free at Van Heusen.  This is where I purchase most of my clothes for work and I can certainly use a new pair of slacks, or two!!! 

Also in email was a gift certificate from Sony for $25. off any purchase. I cannot think of anything I need from Sony these days. Absolutely nothing. Blu-ray, Blu-ray, everyone says I ought to buy a Blu-ray player.  Why? I am happy with the DVD player I have now. Unfortunately, these certificates are non-transferable, so it will go unused.

Hey, if only I would receive notification that a check from the Social Security Administration has been deposited to my bank account, I would be thrilled beyond measure. Alas, 2 more weeks before I am "scheduled" to receive my first check.  Not holding my breath.

I. Make. Too. Much. Money. Or, so they tell me over and over and over...

And so it goes.

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