Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rehoboth Beach Fun & Petty BullS**t!

 For the first time in a week the day dawned without immediate threat of thunderstorms and high winds.  As I walked to work I found it easier to breathe, telling me that the humidity was down a bit, too.

People were already streaming down the streets toward the beach at 7 AM.  There was a line of  about 30 people outside the bakery, but not Starbucks.  WTF?  That's a switch. It's usually the other way round.

The benches lining the sidewalk on the Avenue were filled with folks munching pastries, drinking coffee, and reading the Sunday papers. The Washington Post is most prominent here, followed by the NY Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Though we served around 300 diners at lunch yesterday, over 500 more were served last evening - and the evidence was everywhere.  No problem.

We opened on time and were set upon almost immediately by groups - large and small - wanting a meal before hitting the beach, or ordering items to-go to enjoy later.

By 1:30 pm, I stopped taking reservations for the evening.  We were totally booked.  I spent the rest of the afternoon being insulted (until I hung up on them) or explaining why a last minute party of 30 would be impossible.  People have no idea what it takes to take care of that many people while handling other reservations and those we call "walk-ins".

Although the restaurant wasn't as busy as in recent days (thanks to the good weather) the incessant, arrogant phone calls began taking a toll. So, I was happy when my evening replacement arrived and I could come home.

I am enjoying an early evening. I plan to run a load of laundry in the morning before going to work.  Tuesday (my day off) is already smothered in lists of things that had to be put off last week due to the dead car battery crisis.

Nonetheless, I am looking forward to time away from work to tackle other things in other places. Need a new Messenger Bag (my canvas one is falling apart) and headphones for the Kindle for music and audio books.  It will be a day well spent.

And so it goes.


  1. don'tcha know, that party of 30 was VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE! they don't wanna wait with the great unwashed among us!

    da noive of some people!

    I don't envy your situation, dear. no wonder you come home and slip into a dry martini! :)

  2. Sounds like the economy is also picking up on your end of the summertime tourists. We're very busy at the hotel, full almost every night. I too get the last minute phone calls for reservations and when I inform them that we have "no room at the Inn" I get the "What's going on?" Uh....SUMMERTIME. This week is going to be a test since I'm working four nights in a row (so much for part-time work). Week after next the same thing. Then another few weeks and it's all over. I can't complain though, we're doing the business and I have a job. Hang in there, it will be over soon and we can breath again.


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