Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Glasses and an Eye Exam

I have new glasses.  No, not just that kind. Wait for it.

I have been eying (sorry!) these Bormioli Rocco Murano Rocks Glasses for almost a year.  Last week their price suddenly dropped and I decided to make the purchase. They are tapered, will be much easier on my arthritic hands, and the hammered exterior texture makes for a secure grip. No need for plastic cups anymore. Yay!

(That's a sample at left.) The package arrived this evening and I am so pleased with them. Sturdy, tapered, simple design, but not too heavy in the hand.

Yesterday (my day off) was a washout. Had an appointment with the eye doctor at 9:15 am, had the usual exam followed by dilation and photo of each eye.  All seems OK, but I learned that the constant tearing and burning I've experienced over the year is partially due to the arthritis and I am now using artificial tears to relieve that problem. I also have a new, stronger prescription and two new pair of eye glasses are on the way.

Unfortunately, dilation knocked me out of any useful activities, since I couldn't see and sunlight was painful - even with the protective sun-shields. So I drove home - very carefully - and laid down until I could see again, about 5 hours later.  All errands, shopping, and chores were put on hold again until next week.

Of course there are a few items "needed" from the market, so I will make a mad dash tomorrow morning at 7 to snag those. The rest will have to wait. 

The Governor and Lt. Governor of Delaware are dining with us at lunch tomorrow morning, so it will be a tight window of opportunity to get out, get back, put things away, and get to work by 9 am.  I can do it. I know the store and can sail through, list in hand, and know exactly where everything is. I ought to be out in about a half hour.  The rest is practiced chaos.

And so it goes.


  1. How did you ever manage to drive back to your home with your eyes dilated? Wow. You should have had someone drive you. That was dangerous. By the way, I hope you got your yearly free eye examination from Medicare.

  2. speak to me about your arthritis; please PM me.

    as for your guests, WOW! what's the occasion? can you get pix?

  3. The rest is practiced chaos Sounds like a day as many others, not even a Governor and his Lt can change. [they're just humans with a title]

  4. So arthritis can affect your eyes? I didn't know that. Congrats of the new eye glasses and the other kind too!

  5. I had no idea that arthritis could affect your eyes as well. You should post a picture of your new eye glasses that you got at your eye exam. Did you really drive home with your eyes dilated? I thought that made it hard to see.


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