Monday, August 6, 2012

Poor Man's Lasagna - Hamburger Helper

A few years ago I pinched every penny til it screamed, just to get by; the crock pot was my choice for tough, cheap cuts of meat, and extra pocket money was non-existent.

Somewhere during that period I found a product I had never purchased before called, "Hamburger Helper" - it was on sale and there were many varieties to choose from.  I bought one.  Cost was $0.50.  It was the Lasagna Hamburger Helper, to be exact.

In that bleak period I also realized I couldn't afford the ground beef to create the dish and it remained on the cabinet shelf, eventually moving with me to this place. Don't ask.  I have no idea why.

I found it this morning (it expires on September 20, 2012, this stuff could survive the next ice age!) so I thought I ought to prepare it as a reminder of the way things used to be. Knowing that it could be that way again at any time.  Sobering, that.

I have no idea how it will taste, but the fresh garden salad and garlic bread ought to make it edible for one meal.

Ah, memories.

And so it goes.


  1. oh baby, I can make that better with less salt, fat, carbs. AND it won't taste like the cardboard box either!

  2. So, did you survive?
    I haven't had HH since I moved out of my parents house in the late 80s. I have "okay" memories of it.

  3. this is in the 10 ten comfort foods; best not to read the ingredients or the nutrition labels.

  4. yuk .... BUT the original doesn't taste half bad and actually tastes better then heated up the next day. Once in a blue moon have a taste for it as well as my grandmothers potato chip tuna casserole. With your schedule a crock pot would do wonders with a piece of corn beef or pork loin


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