Friday, August 31, 2012

Homemade Ice Cream and Memories

 Having staggered home last evening after a long and taxing day, there was some raw meat, thawed and ready to cook that needed attention. The fact that I was tired of leftovers was the major impetus for creating something new.

Opening a fave old southern cookbook a piece of paper fell out and floated into my lap. When I read it a chill (no pun intended) ran through me.  It was a recipe I extracted from my grandmother's memories back in the 80s when I was picking her brain for any and all recipes I loved while growing up.  She was not one to write things down, nor was she one who measured everything.  She was never a baker - thank G*d!

This was a recipe for homemade ice cream that required no ice cream freezer/maker and one I remember vividly. I decided to make it and see if it held up and was as smooth as I remembered it. After a quick run to the market around the corner for a pint of heavy cream, I was ready to go.

Thirty minutes later, the mixture was in a container, freezing for a taste test later. The bowls and mixer washed and put away, I prepared my evening meal.

(Note: When I was a child the ice cream freezing process was a tedious chore, requiring lots of ice chunks, and rock salt, then hand-cranking the damned machine for about 45 minutes - see the image above. This was usually my job.)

Then a few hours later before bedtime, I tasted the ice cream and OMG, it was just as I remembered it.  Flashback to when I was a kid, sitting in front of a high speed box fan on a hot summer afternoon (we had no AC back then) savoring the smooth, creamy texture of this remarkable ice cream miracle.  Which it was, at least to me.  I thought of my tiny grandmother, hot and humid New Orleans summer days,  and special treats like this one.

I'll enjoy a dish again tonight and give thanks for little things that fall from obscurity into a lap of memory and love.

And so it goes.


  1. I remember making ice cream just that way as a youngster. We have an electric ice cream maker now and the ice cream just isn't the same.

  2. After that lovely story you are not going to share the recipe?

    Pish, tush and balderdash!

  3. we have a little sorbet maker, but with diets and all, it wasn't used once this summer. alas.

  4. please to be sharing granny's recipe with us. that way you spread the luv!

  5. I seem to remember sitting on your kitchen steps just after dark, eating a bowl of this ice cream as we caught lightening bugs in a jar - just because - and then let them go free.

    Please share this recipe so that I can relive those days whenever want to. Life is short and most good memories should not be lost for good but passed on.

    with love,


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