Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Celebration 2: Shots, Food & Friends

Oh, my!  Birthday celebration Part 2 (the event of the evening) was pulled together by the lovely, talented, chef/cook, Nicole (seen at left) with Pig & Fish as the venue of choice.

A cell phone call at work early this morning from a frantic Nicole set up a day of many surprises.  She had left her expensive iPod in the player in the kitchen, was afraid it might disappear - this being her day off - and asked that I keep it safe for her.  Today was a beach day and she didn't want to be without her music.  I can totally understand.

When she picked it up on the way to the beach, she asked if I had plans for the evening.  Without thinking I said, no.  Her goal was to take me out for drinks celebrating my birthday, since I was ill on the original date. And I couldn't back out gracefully after showing my cards. She determined that we'd meet after my shift at the Pig & Fish for some laughs, munchies and drinks.  Knowing Nicole, I knew it was all about trying to get me drunk. She has tried for 3 years and I still don't know the reasoning.

I arrived at the appointed time and all was well. She ordered munchies, I ordered a glass of wine, and we talked about many things as I slowly came down from an horrific day - weather wise. We sipped our drinks and waited for the food to arrive.  Suddenly, Nicole asks the bartender if he knows about this new shot called, "Chocolate Cake" and he doesn't.  I am momentarily grateful; shots don't normally appeal to me. Shawn, the barman, grabbed his smartphone and hunted up the recipe and said, "oh sure, I can make these.  They sound great, but it will have to be SIX to make it worthwhile." Whatever that meant, I had no idea.

Turned out the recipe made 6, translating to 2 each for Nicole, Shawn, and me!  Oy! What had I gotten myself into? The first round was set up with a plate of lemon wedges and granulated sugar.  We covered the wedges with sugar, saluted with our glasses, then downed the shot followed quickly by the lemon/sugar.  And damned if it didn't taste like chocolate. cake!

The food arrived as we finished off the second round and I was very mellow by then. The mussels, blue crab dip, and goat cheese with fennel, olives, currents preserves and sopressato were set upon immediately.  While we were chowing down and blissfully unaware, the bar began to fill and suddenly there were 8 people we know (individually) ready to indulge in conversation, and be part of my birthday celebration.  There was brief fun in this interchange as I was given another glass of wine.

After a while, the bartender comes over and asks if I was doing OK. Feeling no pain, I lean over to him and ask how he is feeling.  His smile widens and he whispers, "I will have a great time tonight, thanks to you two. You made a day with an ugly beginning turn into a beautiful evening." The 2 shots and our lighthearted carrying-on must have taken him to a better place.  I am glad.

Walked home feeling tipsy, full, and happy. In no particular order.

And so it goes.


  1. OMB, what's IN those chocolate cake shots?

  2. Birthdays are really great! Happy birthday to you.

  3. @Anne Marie: I couldn't see everything, but one ingredient was Frangelico - one can't miss that bottle design.
    @Ur-Spo: Thank You!

  4. a late wish .... after reading the post this song has been stuck in my mind.


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