Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Most Unusual Day

(sans Deanna Durbin and Judy Garland)

Woke up at 1 am. Truth be told,  I’d fallen asleep at around 6 pm, thanks in part to the Benadryl consumed to counter the edema in the left leg and ankle.

Still, it was 1 o’clock in the morning and my noisy neighbors were just rolling in from a night of bar trivia or karaoke - don’t ask - and they were far from ready to call it a night.  Instead, they shot the breeze with friends who joined them for the evening’s frivolity, and man were they ever wound up and noisier than usual.  And that’s saying something.

Normally, if I’m already in a deep sleep I don’t hear their carrying on, but last night was different. While they were banging things around in their kitchen, I was soft boiling eggs for a very early breakfast. 

They’re popping wine corks as I’m brewing a coffee in my French Press.  It couldn’t have been more bizarre - point, counter point. 

After a perfectly cooked breakfast- and wide awake -  I snuggled under the covers with the headphones and listened to (for the first time in years - I was desperate) Yanni Live at the Acropolis, which turned out to be loud enough to drown out even the most shrill voices next door.  I was happy.


Following a shower and shave, I took to the road to run a few early errands: fuel up the car and take a walk on the boardwalk. The sun was just beginning to break through the overnight clouds and the sky behind was bright blue. As you can see from the selfie above.

Most of the breakfast shops on the Avenue were open, so I snagged a strong iced coffee and sat on a bench facing the sunrise and ocean. I felt no pain so I walked the entire Boardwalk (1 mile) in both directions.  

I thought how nice it would be to share these beautiful morning experiences with someone else. Oh, I see people I know, but they can’t be bothered, even to say “hello” (which everyone does on the boardwalk. It’s an unwritten law) they simply nod and maybe smile and move on.

Thought I’d treat myself to a full Sunday afternoon dinner at a fave restaurant - and so I tried.  Either they were still serving Brunch (which is a first!) or the  were catering to large families with small children.  For reasons (other than the need or the mask) I wasn’t ready to share my peaceful meal with a bunch of squealing chill’ins with inattentive parents.

I finally came to The Pig & Fish another favorite and the timing was perfect. 
They don’t like small children and strollers are verboten, so I was seated at a small table in the back corner. All quiet and peaceful like. No mask necessary.

I’ve known the manager for years.  He came over and we shared a hug.  He also brought me a glass of wine. I realized then just how hungry I was - having had nothing since about 3:30 am - and ordered my meal with eyes that proved no bigger than my belly. The appetizer was their famous Hog Wings (pork short ribs that look like chicken wings only bigger (O.M.G.!) and for an entree I ordered the Lobster & Crab Mac & Cheese. It is what it is…Out. Of. This. World.

By the time I came up for air, Happy Hour was in full swing at the bar and the noise level was becoming annoying.  Paid the check, shared another hug with my old friend and headed out the door.  Fortunately, the P&F is less than 2 blocks from my place, so the walk wasn’t a problem.

I am paying the price for such a grand, unusually active day and delicious meal.  The left leg has ballooned to an enormous size, so it’s time for another round of Benadryl, and back to bed and more reading. 

No complaints. A good time all round. To hell with tomorrow and beyond. I’m sure I’ll whine later, but not now. As I say, it’s all good.

And so it goes.



  1. the P&F sounds dee-lish! and what a nice day you had. never take these type of days for granted.

    and WTF with not extending a greeting on the boardwalk? are those people THAT insensitive?

  2. I'm glad you had a good day. I hope the Benadryl works quickly on your leg.

  3. Hog Wings! Yum. About time you got out.


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