Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Short Post on Men’s Shorts

Ever since singer(?) Pharrell Williams wore a tuxedo with short pants to the Oscars  everyone seems to be buzzing about this cool (no pun intended) new trend.  Now, his hats are another story!!!

Note: I had such a tuxedo with shorts (satin stripe down the side, and all) purchased in a Mod-shop in London in 1966 that also featured a kilt for a change of “the look.”  Fortunately, that look didn’t last long. At least not in the US.  Although kilts were around the gay community until about 1970 when the “clone” look took over for the next two decades.

I always liked shorter shorts - sort of the old Bermuda length, or shorter - and cannot abide the black-influenced baggy things that pass for shorts today. I don’t think they make any man look attractive, masculine, or the least bit sexy. Like the pants around your ass look, I think it makes white guys look like they’re trying to be cool black guys.  It just doesn’t work that way. When I see guys in baggy culottes  I think of a toddler forced to wear hand-me-downs from an older sibling. To him, it’s just something to grow into. Poor thing.

Not that I dare to wear shorts of any kind anymore, but I do have a few pair of cargo shorts originally purchased for the NOLA holiday last year.  And glad I did.  It was so hot at times, I didn’t care what my legs looked like as long as they were cool and sweat-free. 

Lately, I’ve seen ads for suits with short pants from various big name companies, but they have no style, design, no je ne sais quoi.  They look like suits off the racks, in traditional fabrics and colors, with the legs hacked off at varying lengths.  Yes, these suit shorts come in a Bermuda length, a to-the-knee length, and what I call the peddle-pusher length.  Horrible. 

Thank all the stars in heaven they are not wearing socks or sandals . This is supposedly the “hot, new trend” for summer 2014.  I think I’ll pass, but there’s no guarantee I won’t laugh when I see some fashionista dork trying to look cool in this - whatever it is. 

Now, I could see this look in the deep, hot, humid South in a pink or blue seersucker or white linen, but not on a grand fashion scale.

Personally, I doubt this look will take off within the gay community; we have certainly abdicated our responsibilities in recent years.

I seem to remember when fashion made a statement, now it seems only to ask the question…WHY?

Maybe it’s just my age showing.

And so it goes.



  1. shorts are meant for the beach or the golf course. nah, don't like this look and hope it dies a quick death.

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