Monday, June 23, 2014

Television: What We Really Watch…

I recently posted an article about the Netflix vs. Verizon brouhaha and then this came to my somewhat divided attention.

As the graphic shows, no matter how much you may pay or how many channels your service boasts - and charges you extra for - this is the reality. More is not always better. Shitty channel content means fewer viewers, not that the providers care.  They look at the volume.  After all, 180 channels must be better than having only a mere 150, amiright? “Just look at all your viewing options!!!”

This is what most people have been viewing over the past 5 years. As you can see, people are creatures of habit. Their favorites, their old standbys, their nostalgia trips. 

When I had service 7 years ago, I too, had preferred channels that I always watched and the rest could rot in Hell for all I cared. And here I thought I was the only fool viewing so few channels with so much being offered. Just shows how wrong one can be.  Oh God, please don’t let me be normal!!!

To my mind, it is stupid and wasteful to spend upwards of $100. for TV service, I don’t care what’s in the package. I am not one to leave the TV on for company or background noise. It disturbs my concentration. To my mind, entertainment is not mindless, especially when paying for it.

Waiting in the doctor’s office the other day I had a deja vu experience. All the same TV shows that were on back then, are STILL on today. Tacky game shows with all their tinsel & glitz, and those daytime soap operas that really need better lighting.  They’re all so dark and sinister-looking. But, that’s not important.  It’s just the same old, same old. 

Needless to say, and as the graphic shows, it ain’t changed much in the last 5 years and that in itself is validation enough for saving my money. 

And so it goes.



  1. I gave up on tv in 1999; I don't miss the idiot box.

  2. When my tv broke somewhere around 2002, I didn't get another one. I had already started to watch less and less a few years before. And I never had a video game thingy. I realised that tv wasn't really making my life better but only making me forget that I was missing on a lot of things. Now, I prefer to go out, explore my surroundings, acquire new knowledge, learn a new language, practice a musical instrument, etc. My standard internet connection opens the door of the world to me for only 30 $ a month. That's all I need. Pllus my library card, of course! :)

    1. Jon, it's funny, really. I am talking with more people (you and AM, included) who bumped the box from their lives. It used to be, I was the odd one not knowing the most recent details of some uber popular show of the time. Not any more, and it gives me hope. As always, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Always welcomed.


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