Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Random Thoughts and Goings On

Well, it’s over…for now. The last Chemo treatment was administered
yesterday; while trumpets were not physically in evidence, they were certainly blaring loud and clear in my head. No more puncturing (except for blood) for the coming 3 weeks before phase 2 starts it all over again. I am nothing but a mass of puncture wounds, red welts, and bruises.  Truly a sight to behold.  Or not.

Another patient receiving Vidaza treatments shared a relatively unknown aid for the unsightly skin wound side effects.  He uses Evening Primrose Oil which, he insists takes the sting, red, and swelling away in a matter of days. It also relieves the burning and itching which usually begin a few days after treatment.  Needless to say, the Health/Natural Foods Store is on my Gay Agenda today, as well.

Took a sweet walk around town this morning before breaking my fast, and though it was already hot (82’ at 6:30) there was a nice breeze and the air smelled of the ocean. A brief walk on the boardwalk was followed by a mosey around the south end of town where few cyclists ride and even fewer folks stroll. (The above image is at Silver Lake and yes, those are ducks, gulls, and cormorants resting after their own breakfast from the lake.)

I’ve developed some soreness and swelling in my ankles so an ultrasound is waiting in the wings today to be certain there is no clotting.  A real danger with this brand of Chemo, so they’re taking no chances. Personally, I think I’m not walking enough; not getting the blood pumping through the system.  Just lying in bed reading, isn’t cutting it.

Aside from new bone marrow and a fully-functioning body, there is nothing that I need, but I finally decided what to buy with that Amazon Gift Card: a new cotton blanket (not heavy wool), the Mac  version of Print Shop Deluxe,
(unfortunately, there is no Mac version of Paint Shop Pro I’ve used for years, and I wanted a photo editor), and a case of coffee pods for the Senseo.  No one sells them around here anymore, it’s order from Amazon, or the Netherlands.  Stores in these parts (and I suspect most everywhere else) sell only those silly, wasteful K-cups for the worst machines and even worse tasting coffee. Expensive coffee and the machines are unreliable.  So there!

Placed the order this morning with arrival scheduled for next Monday or Tuesday. And there is still a little credit left over for a couple of Kindle books I’ve had my eye on when I finish what I’m reading now.

I’m off like a herd of turtles to the hospital for the Ultrasound appointment, then it’s home for the rest of the day.  What a surprise! Yay, for me!!!

And so it goes.



  1. I hope the Evening Primrose Oil works for you. That's a nice picture of ducks on the pier.

    Take care,

  2. good to hear you have a drug rest period coming. and you were smart to get out early before the heat/tourists overwhelmed you.

    staples also sells coffee pods - check it out!


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