Friday, June 6, 2014

Learning the Chemo Cha-Cha

I Don’t Know This Dance

Here I thought I was doing so well - no transfusions for 3 weeks running - but
that ended today. CBC lower than it has been in months (without new blood, I guess that would happen to someone with my cancer) I required 2 units today.

The oncologist also decided that I will begin a new, stronger Chemo next week. Injections on 7 consecutive days followed by 3 weeks off. A different injection site chosen each day because the site of the previous day will be sore, discolored and swollen. The side effects aren’t friendly - a far cry from the last Chemo - but he’s hoping this might turn things around by summer’s end.  

I had multiple warnings from nurses today regarding things to expect and if I happen to experience an allergic reaction, not attempt driving myself to the hospital, but call 911, instead.  Charming.  On the flip side, they all think I’ll handle it quite well. I hope to live up to their expectations.

This new turn of events has certainly put a damper on my spirits. It was more depressing than usual as I sat for 6 hours receiving new blood with all the other sick people around me. 

I don’t know what to expect, so planning for the worst is out of the question.  There are far too  many “what-if’s” to be concerned at this point. I’ll take it as it comes. But it sure is a downer after these past weeks of feeling pretty good. At least I haven’t got too much hair to lose! Oh well, it is what it is.

Just in case it knocks me for a loop, I’m going to download a few new books for the hours and days I’ll be spending in bed. It will keep  me busy and take my mind off of everything unpleasant. 

And so it goes.


  1. you and sassybear are in recovery together. but 3 weeks without fresh blood - THAT'S GREAT!

    sending you healing pleasant thoughts, dear.

  2. Glad to hear the new chemotherapy may turn things around by summer's end. I'm sending you positive thoughts.

    Wishing you the best,

  3. never a dull moment; I hope those reads are splendid.


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