Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back to Iraq?

Yes.  The neo-cons and war mongers are sure there’s more money to be made by wreaking more destruction of lives and land.  So, they’ll provoke - or create - a scenario whereby the USA must send more of our already exhausted young men and women to save face for said imaginary incident.

I am reading the same disturbing lies comments and phrases that filled the media 12 years ago, just like it was yesterday. Even those already discredited “journalists” who shilled for the war in the first place are back in the public eye. Doesn’t anyone else remember?

Grandpa Walnuts can’t keep his stories straight, pointing fingers at everyone but himself, and I swear, if they drag out supreme asshole Doug Feith, I’m moving to Narnia

Besides, there’s no need to bother with expensive drones when human cannon fodder is all around us? 

We will send our young’s to die to make the rich even richer. We will never learn.  We never seem to learn from the past. We’ll be lied into another war and only years from now realize that we were duped yet again.

And so it goes.



  1. I want to photo-shop an image of a smug Mr T. Blair onto that photo, especially in the light of his publication at the week-end of a long defense of his contention that American and British intervention to topple Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with today's ghastly situation. But not only that, he's also urging further intervention now in both Syria and Iraq - and this from his position as UN-appointed PEACE envoy! Was there ever a stronger illustration of self-delusion? I doubt it.

    1. And now the media has dragged out the usual suspects (all of them should be in jail) and treats them as "experts."

  2. It's business as usual. I've stopped hoping for any improvement in our world. I think that we ALL are part of the problem basically. We rant, bitch and complain and then we run and run and try to get more, more, more stuff we don't need. We care more about what's going to happen in the next season of our favorite tv show than what is going on in our world. And the 1% knows it. That's why they feed us with lots of cheap entertainment to keep us busy and sell us all sorts of little gadgets and toys. And we love it. We complain but the minute a new toy is released in the stores, we run to buy it.

    I'm done with all this. We are victims only of our own vanity, our own arrogance, our own sufficiency. And it's not going to change because nobody want to change themselves. We want to change the world and the more we change it, the worse it get. I say stop. Just stop. But it's useless. I gave it all up.

  3. Jon, I wish I could be like you. It would make life much easier, but I always have hope, for some bizarre reason, and although I lost a few friends in VietNam - they never learned the lesson either - hope is all we have for ourselves and others. Thanks for stopping by.


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