Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Whiskey Sour Miracle Cure?

Following yesterday's long day between both the Cancer Center and Hospital, I was delighted to get a phone message from Gwen (my friend’s 90+ year old Mom) demanding asking that I join her for a quick nosh and a festive Whiskey Sour.  Well, the nosh was a fine idea, don’t get me wrong, but after the day I had, that Whiskey Sour sounded like Manna from Heaven.

Remember, these are made from scratch; no tacky cocktail mixes cross her doorstep. Like I said; Manna from Heaven.

Our nosh turned into a full blown dinner (she cooked) and, among other things, we solved the mysteries of the Universe.  It didn’t take too long, only about 3 hours and spritzed here and there with quantities of Whiskey Sour. The meal was probably the heaviest I’ve had in over a year. A slow cooked, heavenly tasting brisket with a dish that reminded me of Bubble & Squeak, but a Magyar version without the leftovers. Finished off with coffee and fresh peach pie. 

Oh, and did I mention there were Whiskey Sours, too!!!

We swapped medical stories (she survived cancer twice!) and she gave me some sage advice - that I am not willing to share right now. Very personal and extremely important, it may prove to be at a later date.

I made it home feeling at peace - no pain - and slept like a baby. Gwen was supposed to hit the road back to NY this morning and since I didn’t get a call, I assume she was OK to do so.  Man, that woman can hold her own when it comes to Liquors. 

There is an odd twist to this story, however.  As I dressed for the Neupogen injection appointment this morning, putting on socks, I suddenly noticed that the swelling in the legs was noticeably reduced. It was then I realized there was no soreness, either. 

Now, you may remember my Gen. Mgr. at Dos Locos, that darlin’ wee Irish Lass, Linda has most everyone convinced that Irish Whiskey will cure most anything upper respiratory problems, sore throats, even cold, winter numbness.  And sometimes her suggested cure has worked for what was ailing me.

Then a thought occurred to me:  I wonder if Whiskey Sours are the “Jewish Penicillin” for Edema.  Hey!  Stranger things have happened. Especially since those cocktails were the only difference in my daily routine of the past week. That in itself is thrilling to contemplate, no?  But, it seems to have worked.

You can believe what you want to believe. If it keeps the swelling down, I believe I’ll have another Whiskey Sour in the near future.


And so it goes.



  1. DOOOOO EEEEET! just make sure the whiskey is no rubbish.

    could have been the brisket too...

  2. Sounds awesome to me. Have another Whiskey Sour or two. Heck, have one for me. Whatever is helping, I hope you continue to get better.
    Take care,

  3. I seem to recall that edema is sometimes caused by extreme stress. Not that this would apply to your situation, of course. Are there any other answers?


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