Wednesday, July 9, 2008

NOLA: Trip Preparation, Errands, and Organizing

On one of the most uncomfortably hot and humid days of the summer (so far!) this intrepid voyager set out to accomplish what few sane people have been stoopid enough to attempt.

Having laid out the most fuel-efficient route, in the end the circuitous trek would rack up less than 40 miles on the odometer.

The timer was started at 6am – and ended at (around) 4 pm. Not sure exactly, thanks to a heaping helping of fried brain sizzling in my head.

Anyway here is the day…3…2…1…GO!

  • Set up small Crock Pot with dinner ingredients and turn it on.
  • Fuel up the car: yes, tears were shed.
  • Post Office: check mail and buy stamps.
  • Laundry: last opportunity before the trip.
  • DMV: renew driver’s license (should have shaved; the previous two renewals the DMV used the previous picture.)
  • Pharmacy: pick up refilled prescriptions, forgetting it’s senior’s day…Oy!
  • Liquor store for two gift bottles of wine for a friend.
  • Home Depot: odds and ends for the apartment that have been put off too long.
  • Attorney: review corrected personal documents before trip. If something happens, I don’t want the ex to have control of my medical care, or get anything. He’ll have to settle for the joyful knowledge that I am gone.
  • Bank: deposit, and transfer (yes, I know I can do this online, but I don’t trust that option after what happened to a friend last month, but that’s another post.)
  • Super Market: sale items for a marathon cook off to stock the freezer before I leave.

Whew! Can’t believe I scratched all these items off my list. Even I was impressed. After removing all the bags and laundry from the car, it was time for a shower and some much needed rehydration, knocking back several glasses of water.

Thanks to dinner bubbling in the Crock Pot, the apartment smells like a welcoming home. It’s time to make a festive cocktail and prepare a salad then get some down time.

And so it goes.


Update: Another phone call from someone planning to be at the reunion. We laughed until we cried, well, at least I did. He reminded me of some wickedly funny pranks we played; even while guest performers on the then Governor’s yacht. And a few things also completely forgotten over the years. I look forward to seeing him again and meeting his wife and grandkids. Again, a perfect end to another hectic day.

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