Friday, October 12, 2012

Big Joe Biden and the Joyful Noise

A review and in-depth look at the VP debate last night. Whatever I was going to say doesn't matter.  This does. Here's a snippet. From William Rivers Pitt at Truth-out.
Vice President Joseph Biden of Delaware dropped the hammer on Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan on Thursday, and it was a powerful thing to see.
Anyone who tells you the vice presidential debate was a tie, or that Mr. Ryan prevailed, is trying to sell you a diamond mine that ain't worth a dime. The ultimate impact and import of what went down during Thursday's debate won't be immediately known, but the simple fact is beyond dispute: Joe Biden owned the night, and owned his opponent, in a way rarely seen in modern debate history.
This much is certain: what took place on Thursday night in Kentucky was a clinic, a deconstruction, a masterpiece, a thunderclap. The sun came up on Friday morning to shine upon a world that will never, ever underestimate Joe Biden again. For those who needed what he gave, it was a joyful noise indeed.
Of course, I didn't see the debate - I have no TV service - but I watched a few clips this afternoon and I totally agree with Mr. Pitt.

Please go to the Truth-out article HERE.

And so it goes.

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  1. spouse watched the debate; he kept yelling at the tv every time lyin' ryan showed his face.

    BOOYAH to uncle joe!


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