Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good News for an Autumn Day

This morning following a coffee, a few grapes, and cantaloupe, I headed to the Dr.'s appt. It was a beautiful sun-splashed, Autumn morning; clear sky and leaves just beginning to change colour.  I felt really good.  No, I mean REALLY! It's been awhile.

Dropped off a few things at the dry cleaners beforehand and got to the office 5 minutes early. (Did you know that I hate being late - for anything) I was ushered in immediately to check the vitals and was happy to note that I've lost another 2 pounds and the blood pressure was (for the first time in ages) a very normal 120 over 70.  The fact that I've been eating oatmeal and crunching walnuts & almonds a couple of times a week is finally showing positive results.

The switch from Meloxicam to Flexeril has made a remarkable difference in the level of pain - which I am sure was part of the reason for the lower BP. Less pain = less stress.

When asked about my daily diet I told him of my very diverse and sometimes bizarre cravings and eating habits.  Not big on sweets, but I do love dark chocolate (70% cocoa minimum) and a good dish of ice cream.

I maintain a well-balanced diet. He was surprised to learn of my cooking skills, as well as my drinking habits. By "drinking habits" I mean the copious amounts of water consumed daily, as well as my cocktails and wine intake. One coffee daily and the occasional hot green tea in the evenings.

Hell, I'm too old to lie about things like that, so he'd better get used to it. (Never understood why guys lied to their doctors anyway. They can't help if they don't know the facts.)  He asked pointed questions about my cooking technique, the oils and fats used, and on and on. It was rather fun, really. The truth is I am cooking for one; I don't always have the luxury of preparing my cooking stocks from scratch, but I use the low fat, reduced sodium packaged variety when necessary.

The final result is I will remain on Flexeril + 1 aspirin daily, when I take vitamins in the morning.  Another Flexeril at bedtime if needed.  An appt. was made for 4 months from today (believe it or not, that will be in February 2013!) and I walked out of the office with a new script in hand and a big smile on my face.

Would  like to celebrate by taking myself out for dinner, but that's not going to happen any time soon.  My part of the recent blood work and x-rays turned out to be more than expected. Maybe I'll take myself out to a Happy Hour in a few days. After all, I DO have something to celebrate.

And so it goes.

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