Saturday, October 13, 2012

Re: "A Dogably PAWfect Day"

This is isn't exactly "a dogably pawfect" post, really.  It's just that a number of bloggers I read regularly are "puppy people" and share photos, stories, and cherished memories of their canine friends.

I love dogs - and cats - and am drawn to felines more as I age.  I would dearly love to have a kitteh living with me. However, since I am not allowed any pets in the apartment, it's a moot point.

Anyway, I found this video and wanted to share it with everyone; especially my dog-loving friends.  You know who you are.  Some of you may have seen this before, but it was new to me, so here it is.
"NOVA Science:  How Smart are Dogs?"

Some people question why I get along with animals better than some people.  This video answers part of the question.

And so it goes.


  1. my dog is certainly smart enough to figure out how to shape and train me to do its desires!

  2. I didn't know this vid, but thank you for showing it to me.
    Have a PAWfect day yourself, miauw!

  3. There's a kitten out there just waiting for it's forever home with you. I hope that becomes a reality for you someday.


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