Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stasis: Self Imposed Part 2, & Hannah's Dream

Dragged myself out early yesterday morning to run errands and get grocery shopping out of the way. Snagged a few bottles of wine in the process and took a walk on the boardwalk before heading back to the apartment. The air was intoxicating and the Atlantic was calm.

When I arrived at the apartment building I noticed that while all other cars on the block had not moved, the troll (new tenant in the next apartment) with the Hyena laugh had jockeyed his car into my previous space in front of the building. His former space was an illegal one and I had mentioned this to him on Monday. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say.

I parked down the block, making 3 trips to the car to bring in the purchases.  This activity did nothing for my physical well-being and caused great pain in the back and shoulders for the rest of the day. Took 2 Flexeril before bed and woke feeling better.

Any plans I had for today were tossed when I realized the back was extremely stiff, even though the pain had diminished. No need to chance more pain.

Again - Stasis. But that's fine.  I prepared a salad for tonight's supper, and pressed pants and shirts for the coming work week.

I downloaded a few books to the Kindle; having finished "Hannah's Dream" over the weekend. It's hard to describe but it was a very satisfying novel and one I enjoyed from beginning to end.  No dreary pauses, no obvious plot devices.  Just a very sweet story with more than a few surprises. Here's the Amazon Description:
An elephant never forgets . . . but can she dream?

For forty-one years, Samson Brown has been caring for Hannah, the lone elephant at the down-at-the-heels Max L. Biedelman Zoo. Having vowed not to retire until an equally loving and devoted caretaker is found to replace him, Sam rejoices when smart, compassionate Neva Wilson is hired as the new elephant keeper. But Neva quickly discovers what Sam already knows: that despite their loving care, Hannah is isolated from other elephants and her feet are nearly ruined from standing on hard concrete all day. Using her contacts in the zookeeping world, Neva and Sam hatch a plan to send Hannah to an elephant sanctuary—just as the zoo's angry, unhappy director launches an aggressive revitalization campaign that spotlights Hannah as the star attraction, inextricably tying Hannah's future to the fate of the Max L. Biedelman Zoo.
It is now 5:01 PM here so I am late to the olive party this evening. Cheers!

And so it goes.


  1. "No good deed goes unpunished." Ah, so true, so true. Let the air out of one of his tires.

  2. @Ron: Karma, Ron...remember Karma. Revenge is not in my nature.


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