Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Still. Not Calm

The full moon this weekend brought out the coo-coos, no mistake about it.  It was chaos all around the beach communities. And, to make it more intense, it was NASCAR, a Classic Car show, Motorcycle weekend, some kind of end-of-summer Festival and, well, you get the idea. The crisp Autumn weather brought representatives from all the above into Rehoboth Beach at one point or another. 

It was like July - with traffic jams, people milling about on the boardwalk and beach - only enjoying the cool Autumn air rather than stifling heat.

Staggering into the restaurant blind drunk before noon was the norm for many of these folks and a major problem for other businesses, not just restaurants. The unpleasant full moon is waning and most everyone I know seems to be on pins & needles for some reason. Anxious, but can't put a finger on a cause. 

Today, the uneasiness remains. My dreams overnight reflected the emotion  (In a large house, surrounded by strangers, couldn't find a bathroom, kitchen, or any place to be alone) and I awoke exhausted with taut muscles in shoulders and legs. I got out of bed carefully, looking like a hunchback and praying that nothing would snap while walking to the kitchen.

No plans for the day. Just hang out at home, read, and do some cleaning.  The rain and winds are excuse enough not to venture outdoors.  Maybe tomorrow.

A big pot of cabbage soup is in the making, I mean, it being October and all. No soup bones, so chopped, smoked beef sausage will fill in, instead.

And so it goes.

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  1. On beautiful, fall, crisp days like last weekend I hear the roar of motorcycles racing down Rt. 1 to round the Rehoboth Avenue loop. There are three main industries in Slower Lower. Tourism, farming and chicken can be sometimes, I'll take the tourists. Somehow I can't imagine those chicken trucks making the Rehoboth Avenue loop.


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