Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Body Unhappy With Second Biopsy

Apparently my body's limited to one bone marrow biopsy, not 2. The first went smoothly with no residual pain or soreness. Not so this time round. The the first time there was no pain during the procedure - just the initial bee sting of the Lidocaine to numb the area - and no soreness when the anesthetic wore off. 

The second time round yesterday, again there was no pain during the procedure,  but the aftermath was disturbing and began almost immediately.  No matter how much pressure was applied to the incision site, the bleeding wouldn't stop. I am not on blood thinners, or even aspirin, which was their first question. There was no gusher, but the seeping was the ruination of the bed things and my underwear.

45 minutes later the bleeding had subsided due to constant, hands-on pressure by 3 nurses, and the doctor himself taking turns. A double bandage was applied JIC movement jiggled the area and started the whole mess over again before I could get home. 

When the Lidocaine wore off there was throbbing pain and soreness up and down the spine, left side and leg down to the ankle. Sleeping was difficult and sporadic.  Whenever I moved or turned over the pain returned and it took a while to get into a comfortable position once more. 

Called the Oncologist's office this morning and they wrote a scrip for a painkiller, which I had to pick up because narcotic prescriptions cannot be phoned or faxed in.  I heard the rain falling as I dressed; grabbed a rain slicker and headed to the car.

The storm coming up the coast after dumping snow and nastiness from Texas eastward, began as a moderately steady rain here. No wind, just the rain.  By the time I picked up the scrip and headed to the pharmacy the rain had become heavier and the wind had kicked up, too. 

While waiting for the prescription I thought it wise to pick up a few things JIC the storm gets really bad.  Snow isn't forecast, but this could turn into a Nor'easter in time for Thanksgiving and the weekend. Better to be prepared than caught up short.

It was a drenching downpour as I got to the car and even worse when I arrived at the apartment. The slicker had not been much of a success, from the waist up all was dry, but I was soaked from the waist down by the time I got indoors.  

Two painkillers later and I've begun to feel some relief. Also a bit drowsy so I may take to the bed again.  I thought about watching a movie today, but that's not going to happen now. There are no plans to go anywhere; here at home for the duration, so there will be plenty of opportunities later in the week. 

Is my life exciting, or what?  Well mostly Or, What. 

And so it goes!


  1. Just got in myself, it's nasty out there. Good to be in a warm and comfortable nest again. Saw one car overturned (drugs?) on the way home.
    I am sorry that you are still confronting medical issues. I hope one day you will be free (at least for a while) of the doctors, pain, inconvenience and all the other rigmarole that is dominating your life these days.

    1. Whatever future there is for me, there is no time I can foresee without this kind of medical messiness. It is what it is.

  2. stay inside and keep warm; it IS nasty out there. perhaps a better day tomorrow...

  3. I second Ron's comments and know the feeling of not clotting being on Coumadin and Lovenex to prevent clothing with the AVR the slightest cut can lead to a visit to the hospital.

  4. Oh Lordy! What an extended 'downer'! It's when I read blogs like yours, as well as Ron's, that I realise how lucky I am - though that's only a comparitive. When it gets really overwhelming bet I'll be blogging about my situation too.

    1. Raybeard: I hope you never have to blog about such things as this. Thanks for the visit.


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