Wednesday, November 27, 2013

For The Bird or The Bayou?

Thanksgiving 2013 bursts on the scene tomorrow. Whoopee, you say?  No, not around here. The holiday doesn't mean much when one is alone with no family or friends to share the goodies and good time. I could go to the restaurant for a traditional turkey dinner tomorrow, but with the large family crowds my mask and I would be forced to the back dining room alone, so there's no reason to bother with that. I can be just as alone here.

I am feeling better today, (slept 13 hours!) but the heavy rain is causing a great deal of arthritis pain in back and hands.  Yes, it's always something, isn't it?

An the spur of the moment, I took to the kitchen this morning to do some festive cooking of family comfort food favorites. Prepared a Remoulade for boiled shrimp, made an Étouffée for chicken and shrimp, now a pot of red beans with smoked sausage is simmering on the stove as I type. An artichoke heart with asparagus & onion salad is chilling, and a baguette is at the ready.  

Since there's a good chance of staying home tomorrow, I'll have a little sample of everything and just graze all day. Preparing/cooking dishes like these a day ahead of time gives all the flavors a chance to blend well.  

There are a few interesting BBC documentaries in the You Tube cue for today and tomorrow; The Story of Electricity, The History of Celtic Britain, and Men of Rock.  All multi-episode and recent productions. I'll not be bored. Well, not too bored. I am also on the hunt for films and books related to Paganism. No special reason.  A few fave bloggers practice (or dabble), make it sound interesting, so I thought I'd learn more for myself. 

If any readers have suggestions for reading materials on the subject for the curious, uninitiated, leaving a comment would be appreciated.  

There is a special birthday celebration at the restaurant on Sunday.  My wee Irish Lass and GM, Linda is hitting the big 5-0 mark. She didn't want any fuss, but the locosguys planned the party before she could make other plans and disappear that day.  They are sneaky that way - they've done it to me several times.  I am not one for birthday parties for myself, but going along with the fun isn't a bad thing at all. Especially when the locosguys pull out the stops. Embarrassing, maybe, but that's all in good fun. I have a special gift for her as a birthday and a "thank you" as well. It was she who drove me to and from the airport for the NOLA trip, giving up half of a precious day off to do so. She's volunteered to look after the apartment if (when) I go into hospital for treatment or surgery.  Whichever comes first.  She's a good Lass and one of a kind.

Then later next week Deb, my driver and sidekick to Christiana hospital celebrates her birthday. I thought about taking her out to lunch on her day off, which is always a fun thing to do in the off season.  Restaurants are usually quiet at lunch in the off-season, so that's a plus, too. A win-win all round. Just hope I feel up to the excitement.

Waiting to hear from the Christiana surgeon's office who told the local doctor he wanted to see me earlier than the scheduled appt. date of 12/17.  The office called yesterday at lunch time and told me they had an appointment open that afternoon - an hour later.  First off, I need a ride.  Second, I couldn't make that trip in an hour.  Seems they had no idea where I lived.

Listen people!  All relevant data (address, phone, prescribed drugs, recent medical updates) are in the database staring you in the face from the glowing screen on the desk in front of you.  I mean, where else did you get the phone number to call me, if not there?  Please read the f**king database before calling with an impossible suggestion or demand.  That. Is. All.


Attempted calls to the sister this week have been unsuccessful.  I'll try again tomorrow in the early morning - before she heads out with her contributions to the communal Thanksgiving meal in the apartment complex.  Maybe I'll get her then. 

BTW, not sure I've written this before, but the transplant rep, sent notice that the sister's screening results indicate that she is NOT a match for a marrow transplant.  I haven't told the sister yet.  She'll be disappointed - as am I.  My name has been added to the national donor registry, at least on a temporary basis. I have no idea what happens next. Really, I don't have a clue. 

Have plans to meet friend and blogger Ron (Retired in Delaware) for lunch on Saturday; a belated birthday gift for him, too. Although we chat via Face Time, email, and blog comments, we've not had the chance to break bread in a very long time.  Looking forward to that event. Only hope the health thing isn't cause for cancellation at the last minute. In any event, we're in touch.

Oh, I am a bad boy.  I bought Egg Nog made by the best local dairy around. Only a quart, but I'll wager it doesn't make it through the weekend.  Any takers?  Thought not.

If you celebrate the holiday, I hope the day is filled with joy, good food, family and friends and that all travels see you home safe and sound.  Cheers!

PS:  Is this site difficult to read?  Blogger offers few options. I don't want to go to a huge sub-header font, but I don't want the content hard on the eyes, either.  I've been experimenting with various fonts in the original texts, but Blogger seems to blow that all away when I publish.  Let me know, please.

And so it goes.


  1. Hi Cajun. Hope you find a marrow donor soon. Sorry you have to go through all this illness crap. I have lived in New Orleans since 1969. Surprised we did not run into each other during old bar hopping days....or maybe we did.

  2. I personally would prefer slightly larger type, Cajun, though if you've tried to achieve that without going to a ridiculously over-large size there's not much more that you can do. But yours is by no means the only blog I read (though since only very recently with yours) where I do wish the type was more effortlessly legible. You mention Ron, whose own blogs' readability is the most admirable that I'm aware of.

    Btw: Your talking about your arthritis (I'm just waiting for my turn to come!) and you saying "It's always something isn't it?".puts me in mind of a flop of a British musical some years ago, about (I think) Saint Bernadette, in which at one point the title character is roughly dragged off into the woods by a group of uncouth labourers, and a little later emerges all roughed up and dishevelled, with the strong implication that she's been gang-raped - and then for her to sing the immortal lines - "Oh, if it's not one thing it's another!" That's stoicism for you! Only in your case I know that your arthritis can be no joke.

    Happy holiday to you and yours!

  3. I can read you loud and clear, dear cajun! we too have the (spiked) egg nog in the house, and I don't think it will last into sunday! have fun with ron, your NOLA feast for tomorrow sounds divine, and check out "jim's stuff" blog for all things pagan. smooches, honey!

  4. I can strongly identify with being alone on the holidays. I came to West Texas solely to be near my retired parents. They have both passed away, and I'm stuck here entirely alone with no prospect of ever selling my house. Fortunately, I enjoy my own company (and that of my cat).
    Anyway, take care, enjoy the egg nog, and have a good Thanksgiving.
    And when you see Ron, tell him that Jon the faux cowboy said "Hi". He'll know who I am.

  5. If you are wanting to delve into paganism Hubs recommends- "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margo Adler(it's a survey of the diff. branches of the modern paganism movement-Neo Paganism) and "Spiral Dance" by Starhawk(it's the seminal work on the worship of the goddess). Another good introduction is "Paganism & Neo Paganism" by River and Joyce Higginbottham.

    And that asparagus and onion salad sounds you have a certain dressing recipe for it or just vinegar/evoo?

    Hope the germies stay away and your lunch plans w/Ron et al go off without a hitch!


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