Saturday, November 30, 2013

Do You Hear What I Hear?

No, it ain't no shepherd boy, little lamb, or mighty king, either. No, It would be silence.  

Jeremy called.  The cell phone, she is all but dead. Not worth the cost of repair (I bought it new at a 50% off sale price for $99. back in 2011 when I chose Virgin.  I think I got my money's worth. It seems to be planned, built-in obsolescence. I believe we can thank Henry Ford for that idea.

I am about to shop for a new phone and actually, I'm looking forward to a new learning experience; a lot of innovations have been introduced since 2010.  Yes, I know I have lots of time on my hands, and yes, I am bored to tears. Never mind.

Had a fun time at lunch with Ron (Retired in Delaware) at the Henlopen City Oyster House here in town.  This was a birthday gift 2 years in the making. Don't ask. We finally did it and that's what counts. I'm sure he'll have other pictures on his site. Ron tried the Henlopen City Burger (an unbelievable concoction with a mushroom & onion gruyere gratin, a tomato & bacon jam, and lettuce) which he seemed to like very much. I had the Oysters Rockefeller appetizer (see Ron's photo above, yes it is pilfered) and a Shrimp Po-Boy. Everything was delicious as always. 

Town was really hopping today, probably because it is the annual "Shop Local, Shop Small" day, which is usually a great boon for local businesses and holiday shoppers alike. That said, parking was at a premium and Ron (the dear) parked so far away I drove him back to his car after lunch. 

The gray sky, cold temps, and threat of rain did nothing to dampen my spirits. While a walk on the boardwalk would have been nice bonus, I must say it was great to be out (anywhere) in the fresh air and enjoy a fine meal and good company. The added bonus was the opportunity to watch Ron play with his new toy iPhone and show his newly acquired knowledge of many of its bells and whistles.  Fun to watch.  

May we never, never, ever grow up.

With that thought in mind, it is time for my own hunting expedition in search of a new phone.  I plan to stay with Virgin Mobile. The recent customer service I received made my mind up on that one. Besides, I prefer the no contract option of their "Beyond Talk" program.  For $35. per month I get unlimited text and data plus 300 anytime voice minutes.

Phones are always cheaper, or free with a signed 2 year contract.  So…Why no contract?  I don't like one-way contracts where one party is bound to the original terms of the agreement, but the other party is not.  It's not a contract when the rules can be changed at will. It's a game that's always rigged in favor of the other party.  Not to mention the monthly fees are obscene. OK, I mentioned it. 

Paying for the phone is more logical, as the low monthly fees pay for the new phone in less time without strings attached.  Virgin Mobile also offers free shipping and activation, so what's not to like for someone like me?

I'd consider buying the extended warranty this time round if I thought I might be around to need it.  But, nah!

Anyway, let's go shopping!  Wheeeeeeeee!

And so it goes.



  1. I am glad you were able to get out and do (and eat) something fun!

    1. Like Joni Mitchell wrote: "You don't know what you got til it's gone." We take so much for granted.

  2. Thank you for the Birthday lunch. It was perfect and it was great seeing you again! Po Boys in Milton next!


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