Sunday, December 1, 2013

December's Tarot Card

As November's card warned, it was a month of frustrations, irritations, and unfinished business; medically and financially. A few cards showed up more than once as daily cards, (i.e. The Tower & Knight of Swords) insisting there was much left undone.  Like I needed the reminder?!?

December's card gives me renewed hope to deal with what may be coming as early as next week. An overview:  Being engaged and assertive, those unresolved issues may begin to fall into place.  Now, if I am alert enough to detect, and in some cases, deflect when necessary, I will be better for it.

Many changes ahead. 

More later.


  1. The Chariot is one of my favorites; may it herald good fortune for you !

  2. Here's wishing you health and financial restoration soon!!


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