Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Was Raised by Stephen Sondheim. It's True

And this is how I know. A funny compilation of videos from Sondheim shows.  Although there is a video tribute in the story to the song below, I wanted to post the original singer (later at TV personality) Beth Howland, from the "Making Of" classic video of Company. The clip in the compilation features the wonderful Madeline Kahn, this one remains, I think, the very best.

Here's "22 Signs You Were Raised by Stephen Sondheim"

And here's "Not Getting Married Today" - 1970
And so it goes.



  1. I'm going to have to set aside a couple of hours and come back to this. The riches you're offering on this post is just too much to take in without a generous pause in between the pieces for reflection and appreciation.
    Signed: A confirmed and proud Sondheim-ite.

  2. happy christmas to you if I don't get to say so before Wednesday. OOXX

  3. Hate to admit it, but I saw the original "Company" and subsequent revivals can't compare with it. Also saw the original "Follies" the same week I saw "Company" - what a fantastic week! Saw the revival of "Follies" with Peters and she was quite good, but somehow Alexis Smith was so much better. One thing about Sondheim - he can rhyme anything

    Hope you were able to catch the documentary on Sondheim on HBO, with the great genius himself. himself.


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