Monday, December 30, 2013

Exercise in Futility, Gratitude, and Year's End

Another futile day on the telephone, but far less productive than last week. More of the same; we're busy, leave voicemail - office closed for the holiday -  please hold - wait, wait, wait. 

The envelope pile has been reduced by one after 5 hours of work and the frustration was beyond belief. I finally shut it all down, called it a day.  A Year - I am sure all offices will be closed tomorrow; maybe until next Monday. 

An unrelated call came in from the office of the elusive surgeon in Christiana offering a new appointment date in the new year.  That date is February 7, 2014.  Is there nothing sooner? That's the earliest available date.  I asked to be called should there be a cancelation, but that request was futile, too.  I accepted the date.

Well, try not to die beforehand, will you…but if you do, please call and cancel your appointment.  OK? - She did not add.

I received a few gifts and gift cards this Christmas and I decided to devote some time to thank you cards, and phone calls to the givers.  There was a large chocolate letter "S" from Peter (the dear), a few bottles of wine, gift cards for local businesses from a few customers, and very generous gift card from the Locosguys and the entire staff.

As an aside, perhaps if we get to have a little Face Time, I can find out from Peter if there is any meaning behind the letter, "S"!!  Just kidding, of course - though not about Face Time. 

I called or sent notes to those for whom I had contact info, then wrote a thank you note and took it to Dos Locos this afternoon.  I personally thanked those present, and posted the "thank you" card & note for those coming in tonight or tomorrow.

The restaurant was very busy so I only stayed long enough to get caught up with a few staff members who've just returned from Christmas in their own country with their families. And, of course, had to view the photos and videos of their trip, too.  That was the fun part. Oh, the magic of the iPhone!!!

Aside from the infectious possibilities, it's kind of embarrassing to walk around with that mask on while everyone stares at you.  Of course, I could slouch over, cock my head to one side, and drag one leg across the floor like Igor in some monster flick.  "Yeth, Mauthter."  Hey!  That's a thought…

I have to decide what I want to cook for the New Year. Traditional Ham is out of the question.  Too salty for me anymore.  I already have the blackeyed peas, rice, and kale.  (Yes, I can have fresh kale if I scrub it well, and braise the s**t out of it.)  Maybe a rosemary seasoned, broiled pork chop will work out nicely.  I'll decide before tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have labs at 9 am, followed by an appointment with the oncologist. So, if my BC is low it may mean another afternoon of transfusion - yes, New Years Eve.  I don't feel bad today, but that doesn't mean the numbers aren't low. We shall see.

There is nothing on my gay agenda for NYE anyway, so it makes no difference at this point.  The only potential problem will be if I need transfusions and get out too late to shop before the market closes.  In which case, the New Year dinner will be whatever I have the energy to throw together.  You know, like the rest of my life right now. 

I do want to spend some time at the restaurant once more tomorrow.  There's an old saying that those you spend time with on NYE will be in your life in the new year.  Aside from the staff there will be regular customers visiting for lunch, as well. 

I don't want to take any chances.  I do want this year to be over.

And so it goes.



  1. Cajun, my collards are in the pressure cooker right now as I right this, along with 6 bacon strips. They were 2 whole large beautiful plants, which I washed, cut off the stems, and squeezed into the pressure cooker. Then tomorrow, I will go ahead ahead and cook my fresh black-eyed peas to have them ready. On New Year's Day, I will boil the sweet potatoes, peel 'em, and use the stick blender on them adding cinnamon and butter, and a little orange juice. Then I will serve it all with spiral sliced ham. No bread or rolls, as my son is a celiac. If the above doesn't bring me luck in the new year, I give up!

    Glad you having some up time with the Dos Locos folks. Hope your numbers are good and you don't need the transfusions, so that you will have plenty of energy to stay awake until midnight!

    I say if the docs make you wait over a month for an appointment, it won't hurt to make them wait over a month for a payment, wherever it might be coming from. So there!

    1. Everything sounds wonderful. I sure do miss that ham, though. Happy New Year.

  2. per todd's german traditions, it's a pork roast and sauerkraut at my house.

    see you in march, dear one!

    1. I love that, too. But, being s southern boy, it's hard to break the tradition, especially when it comes around once a year. I eat kale year round, when I can get it, but really look forward to the whole meal at new year. Happy and safe one, my dear. Thanks.


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