Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Lamb, Memories, and Wine

It's a very still, quiet Christmas day here. Not a sound from the other apartments in the building; their cars are gone, so maybe they all went away for the holiday. That in itself is a blessing. 

Opened the door to find a festive holiday shopping bag on the porch  containing two bottles of wine. A Prosecco and an Asti Spumante. A nice card was attached, so I know who gifted them. Needless to say they were already chilled (having been in the cold for hours) and one would be on the table at dinner.

Anyway,  I continued downstairs to get a few things left in the car which I found sitting alone; the only other cars on the street being parked way down the block directly in front of one single house.  Evidently, their Christmas company came to the beach house this year. It's cold but there's on wind, thank goodness. Sun is shining and the eery quiet adds a little more peace to the day. 

Received a text from the Locosguys expressing holiday wishes, checking in to see if I was OK following the transfusions yesterday.  I will admit it was rough sleeping being plagued by nausea half the night. Finally blessed sleep came and all was well when I woke up today. I was even hungry for a change. 

The marinade/rub for the lamb came out of the refrigerator  and as soon as it reached room temperature the leg was well smeared and in the oven meaning dinner was served at around 2 pm.  The butcher did a wonderful job of butterflying, leaving no trace of bone or sinew and just enough fat to crisp up and retain the moisture. I must say this was the best, juiciest lamb I've had in many, many years. 

The marinade/rub recipe was concocted by a dear friend (friends for 35 years before his death in 2000), who was an excellent cook and it was comforting to remember him and all the good times we shared over so many years.

There is enough of everything leftover for one more delicious meal - if I can hold off a day or two.  Yes, it really was that good. 

And so it goes.



  1. greetings, cajun! my, you had a festive peaceful holiday. happily, your taste buds returned for the sheepy feast. sleep well tonight!

  2. Aren't the streets and roads so empty and peaceful on Christmas Day? If I wasn't working today I would have taken a ride downtown to enjoy that serenity before all He'll breaks loose tomorrow with the day after Christmas sales. I'm glad you had a good day, peaceful, quiet and tranquil.....especially after those workouts you did in my JibJab videos.


  3. It sounds like a lovely peaceful Christmas. I wish you well, O Cajun.

  4. I hope your 2014 is more peaceful and full of health.


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