Thursday, December 5, 2013

TMI - Kiss The Cook


TMI questions posed by Sean (Just a Jeep Guy) for this week. My responses are below.

1. How good of a cook are you?
I've been cooking most of my life. A Pretty good cook, I'd say.  I haven't killed anyone as far as I know. I still enjoy it, but it was more satisfying when I was cooking for 2 or more.

2. Who taught you how to cook? 
First teacher was my grandfather.  He convinced me that I'd never go hungry if I knew my way around a few pots and pans and could prepare 2 or 3 dishes well. I took it from there. Experimentation is fun.

3. Who does the cooking in your home?
Me.  I live alone.  But when I prepare a huge pot of something I containerize and share it with others who may enjoy it, too.

4. Do you cook more or eat out more?
Cook more.  About 99% of the time. I like dining out if there's a favorite dish I can't make (or too much work to make) myself. If mine is better, why chance a bad experience?

5. Are you more of a cook or dessert maker?
I'm not a big dessert fan. I may indulge when dining out, but usually share something with my dining partner - and it's usually something they are dying to have.  Give me a chunk of high-cocoa content dark chocolate and I'm in heaven. That is my occasional special treat.

6. What was your worst/funniest cooking moment? 
Long story - very short. The then lover asked that I make dinner for 8 only to be told while cooking I wasn't one of them. He was in the closet, don'tcha know. My job was to cook and leave. When I learned this, three large pans of thick stuffed pork chops ended up on lawn. I left him to explain the situation as he saw fit, fend for himself, and I went out to dinner alone.  Need I mention this episode was the beginning of the end? I guess not.

7. What's your best dish?
It's been so long since I cooked for anyone other than myself. I have lots of favorites depending on my mood at the time. I especially love what I call Kitchen Sink salads. Alas, due to present health conditions fresh/raw fruits and vegetables are not allowed.  I get cravings.  Y'all get cravings?

8. Is revenge a dish best served cold? 
Absolutely, if at all. Personally, I don't believe in revenge. Negative use of time and energy.  Karma may be slow, but it's a real bitch when it's pay-back time.

9. Is the best way to a man's heart truly through his stomach?  
Not mine.

Have you made whoopee in the kitchen? Which foods have you used to spice up your love life?

Yes. Enuf said.  And what's often said about Chocolate and Oysters (no, not together, silly!) is so true. 

Justin Wilson - Cajun Chef

Now I'm hungry.

More later.


  1. Recently, I've had cravings for hot dogs with CHILI and onions and mustard.

    I'll bet the local dogs (they used to run loose) enjoyed those stuffed pork chops on the lawn. Good for you!


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