Saturday, December 28, 2013

TMI Happy New Year 2014

Sean (Just a Jeep Guy) wants answers to these end-of-year questions.  So, here goes.
No resolutions! Just your best hopes and wishes for 2014!
1. Entertainment…
Hope I get to witness new stem cells grow in my marrow.  Pass the popcorn and wait. If not, the other answers are only wishful thinking and fantasy.  Wishes are children, after all.
2. Politically
End  spying on civilians, everywhere.  More focus on the poor and working classes in the world to see to it everyone is on a flat playing field. Better oversight of corporations and banks. 
3. Globally…
I hope humans will look beyond religious beliefs, stop killing one another in the name of their God, and learn how to live together, care for others, work for the change they want for their children, and help to renew the planet.
4. Personally…
Be patient with myself, especially on health issues and hope the stem cell surgery comes to pass and it isn't all for naught.
5. Friends…
May 2014 be less disappointing in that area than 2013 has been. Rejection and abandonment are not conducive to good health, or friendships. Trust is so easily destroyed. 
6. Family…
I have a sister who is in poor health.  We have made our peace for, and with the past, as far as it can go.
7. Your Suggestion…
Treat others with kindness and love. We are all we have in this crazy world, so we need to be there for one another.


And so it goes.


  1. Wishing you a healthier 2014 than 2013 has been!

    Most of us take our health for granted . . . until we lose it. When we were young, we were immortal, but now I know what mortality is. Also wish you that #5 Friends improve, as we so need them! Take care!

  2. I like #7 the most; you need to work on the bonus :-)

  3. Concur absolutely with #s 2,3 & 7. As most of the rest relate to your own personal, delicate health situation, I certainly sympathise with and feel for you. (We each have our own issues, but am so grateful that mine are nowhere near as worrying as yours seem to be - at least not yet.)
    I fervently hope that in 2014, between you and the professionals, you are able to put these concerns largely behind you, while knowing that they are unlikely to just 'go away' completely.. Until it improves it must be an ever-present 'distraction', to put it mildly. I look forward to reading of an upturn in your health fortunes before very long. Good luck and sincere best wishes - and for your dear sister too.


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