Friday, December 13, 2013

TMI War on Christmas 2013

Don't know where this began, I've read it at a few of my recent stops, but I nicked it from Peter's (Tippin' The Scales) place.
(Update: Sean at (Just a Jeep Guy) is responsible for these fun, insightful, prying questions. I should have known. Thanks, Sean. And Happy, Merry - oh fuckit, Cheers!)

1. Which religion or faith do you belong to, if any?   I was baptized Roman Catholic at 2 weeks of age.  I had no choice in the ritual. Left all church in my teens, hooked up with the Episcopal Church briefly and left all religion behind now.    

2. What is your opinion of Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays?
I use both interchangeably. There are many holidays celebrated in a short time, it's unfair to consider one over an other.  Happy Holidays seems to cover them all. I have no preference.
3. Holiday music on the radio? When and how much?
PDQ Bach has always been a regular in my house. His NYC concerts were performed every year at this time at Carnegie Hall, or Avery Fisher Hall.  I also have a few fave CDs and listen a bit to Pandora.  A Little goes a long way.
4. When do you start decorating? Do you?
I don't decorate anymore. Friend Ron (Retired in Delaware) does a great job decorating his home. Lovely and warm.  In my previous life there was a huge tree that went up December 1 and came down on King's Day (Epiphany), January 6. 
5. White lights or multi colored?
When I was young it was colored twinkling bulbs and single color ornaments. As I got older, I preferred the clean, crisp look of clear bulbs and various colored ornaments. 
6. Gift cards, cash or actually shopped-for presents?
None, really. A surprise gift is always nice, but not expected or sought after. There is nothing that I want, or need. 
7. Christmas cards and or family update letters are…                                        Thoughtful.  Used to send over 100 cards in my previous life.  Not now.   Not working, and health issues means low funds.                          
8. Snow is…
Nice, if you're not forced into it for any reason. I especially love snow on Christmas and wish it gone by boxing day.
9. Have you been a good little boy or girl this year?
Define "good" please.
a. Food – Not anymore. The same old foods bore me to death these days. If I could, I'd love to roast a goose for Christmas, but it would be too much for just one person. And I'm low on energy, anyway. 
b. Dessert – Anything with dark chocolate
c. Drink – Eggnog, Wine, and maybe a Guinness.
d. Holiday movie – It's a Wonderful Life. White Christmas, A Christmas Carol (1951, with Alastair Sim)        
e. Holiday music – See # 3 above                                          
f. Holiday tradition – Used to be ice skating in Rockefeller Center. None anymore.
BONUS: Christmas sex:
What have you done under the mistletoe?
Have you caught daddy kissing Santa Clause?
Have you done it a santa suit?
Did you come down the chimney?
If that's what it's called these days. ;-)
Just how merry have you made Santa’s helpers?
Worked at Macy's flagship store one Christmas, all helpers and elves had a jolly good time.  If you get my drift.

There.  That was painless.
And so it goes.


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