Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Wintry Mix & Wondrous New Life

Of course, Winter would choose to take a dump on the area today.  Obviously knowing I was to be training at the restaurant most of the morning and afternoon.  If I was healthy, I'd love a good 3-block walk in the snow, that not being the case, driving was a must - and I hate to drive in the "wintry mix" as the weather critters like to refer to the slipping and sliding banquet of elements that combine to make it all happen.

Well, here at the beach, we showed them. Although the snow was near white-out conditions in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, (I know this from watching the football games on the 7 screens at work) our wintry mix was mostly freezing rain turned just plain rain. So, scraping the windshield was no problem at all - the accumulated ice just slid off to the ground. 

Being a nasty weather day, the restaurant wasn't busy.  The bar was, thanks to the football games and associated specials available at the bar.  As a result, I had less to do in the attempt to train the new guy.  It's hard to put into words the balancing, managing, sorting, and juggling that makes the job what it is.  It's so much more than grabbing menus and leading parties to tables. And, unfortunately, this guy isn't getting it. 

One needs to seat parties, answer the phone, take reservations, schedule and organize seating charts, adjust special menu items for restricted diets, and on and on and on.  Nothing happens in a specific time frame and everything can happen all at once. Like I said, he's not capable of handling more than one or two chores at a time.He wasn't in good spirits when he left for the day and I felt terrible for him. But, that's the job and maybe it isn't for him. 

The customers I hoped to see were probably scared off by the weather, but I did manage to spend time with a few others and it was a great time.

By the time I drove home the mix had turned to rain, and coming down heavily.  As I rounded the corner onto my darkened street I could make out the blinking lights of a Fed-Ex truck parked in front of my place.  The delivery person was coming down the stairs as I walked toward the building and I heard, " Hey, Wayne, glad you're here.  Someone sent you a small, living tree and I almost didn't leave it because it probably wouldn't make it through the night air.  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!"

A small tree, it is, too.  The slender box was only 2 ft. tall. I opened the packaging carefully, removed the inner structural supports and this lovely, tiny European cypress tree emerged.  It looks healthy and beautifully elegant, so I dutifully followed the care instructions and it now resides on my corner bookshelf that will become an altar to life.  The tree's life and mine.

Monday is a "telephone" day. Time to touch base with the powers-that-be to check up on the status of my various pending applications for service assistance.  Then Tuesday & Wednesday, it's back to the blood center.  

My life is just so, how you say, Fabulous!

And so it goes.


  1. I tried using FaceTime with you but you were out dicky-birding around !

  2. "He's not getting it" could be a sign that you will be up to returning to your post sooner then later! :-)

  3. who sent you this wonderful tree? pix please!

  4. So where is a picture of the tree? I'd love to see it. Is it already decorated, or do you get to do that?

  5. You have FaceTime? Let's connect!

    Glad to know you're a bit better.

  6. Peter: I'd love connecting via FaceTime. Didn't know it was possible internationally. Let me know how to get it set up. Remember, I tend to sleep a lot! ;-) I'm a morning person, so that may work to our advantage.


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