Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Search, A Celebration, & A Surprise

Yesterday I began shopping for a new phone. Chose to remain with the present carrier, so the search was on at their site for their offerings. This kind of shopping is like no other. A phone by a manufacturer may look the same as another model - price appears to be the only difference - the features of one may overshadow the other. And, many of those gimmicks are lost on me. I have no idea what they're for, how to use them and probably will have no use for them anyway. 

I looked at smartphones like mine, (it's still available and tempting to go with what I already know) then I thought of going back to the simple life with a flip-phone. They cost so little and are much smaller today than my last one.

However, the reality of my fat fingers tapping on teeny-tiny keyboards turned me off to that option.  Oh, how quickly we are spoiled. I could never use one of those tiny things again and besides, I've gotten used to using the bluetooth, voice-texting option. Like I said, spoiled.

So I shopped and shopped, compared various options (I mean, what is advanced GPS and how will it make my life/world better?) and manufacturers, including LG, Virgin's own "AWE" (not making this up) with a "Apple-like front facing camera for video and chat", to Samsung's sleek new Android version of a Mercedes, until mine head vas schpinning.  Who knew there were so many different phones with all those options?  Not I.

I was dizzy, more confused than ever.  Decided a breather was in order with either a cold compress or a good night's rest. I chose the latter. Slept like a stone. Dreamed of owls and woke well rested.

Today's diversion - a couple of hours celebrating Linda's (our GM) 50th birthday party at the restaurant - was a marvelous time. Attended by many of her Irish friends as well as other locals and restaurant staff it was grand to be out celebrating with Linda, as well as celebrating being out in general. I had a glass of wine, schmoozed, and made the rounds. Great fun but I quickly tired out, said my good-byes, and drove home.  

Two social engagements, 2 days in a row…how much more could my poor little heart handle? It felt good to be alive and out among the living, especially with dear friends/co-workers who did their damnedest to take care and watch over me.  Bless them, really. 

Anyway…Meanwhile, back sat the ranch...

The new phone saga continued. With clear head and un-crossed eyes a return to the search brought up a tab unnoticed yesterday.  Under the "Specials" menu I spotted an item called "iPhone4 - Apple". I didn't know what to make of it, never dreamed Virgin would (could) offer Apple products.  I was wrong. Then I thought they must be refurbished.  Wrong again.

Clicking on "details" under iPhone4 I got quite a shock. New phones with all standard features - but no price.  A "Place in cart to see special price." appeared.  So I did. Happy surprise.  How much more of this can I take?  Dunno, but I am liking it. 

For $199. (12 payments financed) or prepaid for $99. the iPhone4 could be mine.  Well, say Hello to a no-brainer!  Whipped out the Discover Card (extra 5% cash back on online purchases through 12/31) with free 1-day shipping, and I'll receive a $15. credit for returning the dead phone.

Well, before you could say, "Prissy, get the rose water" I clicked the "Place Your Order" button and the new phone will be in my hot little hands tomorrow between 8 am and 8 pm. There weren't many left, and I believe I snagged the last White one available.  I didn't see clues that this was only a Holiday Weekend Special, but I am happy I found it. It's nice to know Virgin is an authorized Apple carrier.  Who'da thunk it?

The iPhone4 is not the latest and greatest (that would be me, of course!) but it's more than I will ever need.

Activation is free, and I'll find out if I keep my present phone number or must select a new one.  I'm not overly attached to the present number anyway, so a new one may be on my gay agenda in the near future. The current month's usage should carry over to the new phone.  Again, there is no extra charge for the iPhone service. I get to keep my current plan.

Stunned, pleased, and giddy from wine and the all round good vibes.  Yes, that's the ticket. That is a good day.

And so it goes.



  1. fie to cellphones! use dixie cups with string!

    1. You are showing your youth. Back in my day (ahem!) we used washed & de-labeled soup cans with thick household cord.

    2. We used washed soup cans with string too. Talking into your Dick Tracy watch was a fantasy only in a comic strip.

  2. Apple iPhone 4, GREAT CHOICE! And you're right the iPhone 4 is more than you'll ever need. Next time we dine I'll show you a few tips. Wonderful!


    1. A fluke. I would not have found it had I not waited until yesterday. My brain was too fried by Saturday evening. Feeling pretty good.

  3. Congrats on the new iPhone! Hope you love it. :-)


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