Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Back Then…

Back to Ol' New Orleans One mo' time.  

These first 2 images are hard to date.

Arial view of Pontchartrain Beach. The lake, beach, mid-way and the famous Zephyr roller coaster. Lots of great rides, fun food, and a restaurant that was the scene of many rites of passage when one turned 18 and could order their first alcoholic beverage - legally, that is.  What is missing is the beach stage a later addition, which was the scene of many different entertainments.

National big band, Rock & Roll, and even circus acts graced this stage. In 1958 I entered a dance contest on that stage with my friend Pam, and we were co-winners with another couple.  Seems the judges couldn't choose between us. We won LPs - Pam received Buddy Holly and I got Ritchie Valens. I  actually performed there many times with the Romano Dancers from 1960 to 1962.

The Pitt (ca 1950s) was about a quarter mile from the beach and where, from about age 7,  I spent many rainy saturday mornings at the kiddie matinee watching an hour of cartoons, episodes of the most recent serial, followed by a feature film. The doors opened at 10 am, the fun began at 10:30 am, and lasted until around 4 pm.  The ushers made sure you behaved yourself, or you got kicked out. Admission was 10 cents! Box of popcorn was 5 cents. 

The Circle Food Market (also 1950s, I believe) looked pretty much the same until Katrina.  Best place for local fresh foods and great sandwiches.  It has been closed since the 2005 flooding left 5 feet of water in the place causing millions in damage.  However, there are efforts afoot to bring the place back to life.  Read about that effort here.  One can only hope.  Circle is a classic part of New Orleans culture and landscape.

Thanks for joining me on my trip in the Way-Back Machine.  Until next time.

More later.


  1. these pix remind me of the jersey shore back in the day. and bless those students who are trying to help the circle food store re-open!

  2. Thank you, that was fun! We had movies on Saturday just like that and at those same prices. Wrightsville Beach had the Lumina Theater also where the big bands and dancing went on, though I did not live here then, but it was the same era.


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